Linda Goetze

A global thought leader, educator and connector


A global thought leader, educator and connector, Linda Goetze, M.Ed., has been engaged with blockchain technology since 2012. Co-Founder and EVP DFM Data Corp. Former President/CEO Blockchain Chamber of Commerce. Linda is a leading global recognised Emerging Tech Thought Leader, Educator, International Keynote, Ethical Investor, and as she says: “Leading to Serve”. Linda is a member of Mensa and former CEO of Balancing Health, Linda helped establish the Atlanta Neurotherapy Institute. Linda is an advocate – Fundraiser/Contributor, Bloom in the Dark, Inc.


“Educating about cutting-edge technology brings me joy. If you want to better understand or engage with dynamic freight matching, digital agents, electrolyzed-reduced water, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), I’d love to point you to powerful resources that could be life-changing.

Personal experience with Bitcoin and Blockchain since 2012 lends perspective as Linda helps individuals and businesses enter the Crypto Age with confident caution. A blockchain-enabled universal framework of things will reshape global commerce and community — growing with the opportunity, rather than being made irrelevant by it, is vital.

Linda believes perspective is key so she is daily working to connect with founders, developers, business builders, innovators and other proponents of positive change around the world. Linda is engaged in building ecosystems or tools to facilitate the adoption of emerging technology into daily work and life – especially in the SupplyChain Vertical.”


“My background starts in science education and technology. It is true that I have been in a male world for a long time and I feel there is the need of a better balance. I believe that women can bring as much innovation as any other people.

I have a bit of a mixed cultural background. My parents spent a lot of time in Ghana and my older sister is then Ghanese and she is married to a Peruvian. I myself have been living for a long time in different countries and cultures: Peru, Mexico, Canada, the US… The way I have been raised has a lot to do with what I am right now. My parents taught me the importance of community and connectivity and I think that has had an impact on why I am so attracted to blockchain. Likewise, I am an educator at heart and went on to study that at the university.”


About how Linda get into Blockchain

“My engagement with blockchain technology started in 2012. At first it was just from other people talking, from colleagues, from information from the internet and I thought back then that it was worth it to try it out but I needed more information. So I started to do research and learn more about it. It was a bit dodgy in the beginning because there weren’t any big exchanges like the ones right now but after a while I could buy some bitcoin.

And since then I have been hooked up by this technology and everything that it can offer. From the organization I work with, the Chamber of Commerce, we are trying to do many research and different focuses about how blockchain can actually be applied into different sectors: from supply chains to agriculture and, of course, finance and the latest DeFi trend. I believe that blockchain is actually a true breakthrough in human technology that can improve businesses and industries.”

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and blockchain adoption

“In 2018 the hype cycle was at its highest level: Bitcoin price was at all-time high, blockchain apps were spawning everywhere, etc and I have been there since 2012, so I knew quite a while about what was going on. And I was approached by the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce founding members to participate in some panels and got in touch with them. So they asked me to lead the organization and I said yes of course because I loved everything about blockchain, I loved to talk about it, learn more about it, it was inspiring.

The facilitating of the adoption of blockchain is where more of the focus is at. The blockchain Chamber of Commerce is like a safe place where the community can go and talk to each other about more information or how they are doing it. And our community is very healthy indeed. However there have been bad actors. We found that some of the companies and people that were reaching out to us and interacting with our community had a different view of what a community is about. They tried to take advantage of our community. We are always in high alert too to make sure that this technology does what it is meant to do. And the only thing we can do is to keep on with our work: teaching, sharing information, educating, having the needed conversations, etc.

The latest project I am working on is about taking back our already lost Digital Footprint and hence our private data. As of now, even though there has been advancements in regulation such as the GDPR or the right to be forgotten, this in fact has had a relative impact on private data ownership. So we are building this AI-based process to leverage that.”