Lars Rottweiler

Lars Rottweiler is the co-founder of Mbanq and an expert in banking.


Lars Rottweiler is an expert in banking and financial services transformations. He has over 25 years of banking and consulting experience and is a distinguished speaker and influencer in digital banking. 


Along with Vladimir Lounegov, Lars founded Mbanq in 2016. Mbanq is a FinTech company which sets up and operates banks for clients using its digital banking platform on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Its proprietary technology provides an advanced, modular, end-to-end banking platform with everything required to instantly launch financial services for any use case.

Before founding Mbanq, Lars was Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and headed senior executive roles for PwC, Accenture and Infosys. His extensive banking industry knowledge is built on top-level engagements across the world.

He is a passionate and ardent speaker. He was holding key-notes and lectures for renowned institutes and organizations. Such as Stanford University, University of Liechtenstein, CASS London and many others. He spoke keynotes at large conferences, i.e., SAPPHIRE in Orlando or the Management Forum in Teheran. 

His enthusiasm for academia and knowledge transfer was leading Lars to found the Steinbeis Consulting Center Intercultural Academy. A training academy focused on sharing hands-on management experience while using the latest methodologies like Lego Serious Play.


In a recent interview with Dinis Guarda, Rottweiler spoke about his vision in regards to digitalisation of finance and his company. He said:

“Today, and when we started 7 years back, the biggest challenge for all the banks is keeping up with regulatory changes and requirements. And, so, critical investments of all the banks are running into that area, instead of into innovations. Why are regulators so harsh on it? Obviously, I found it after the 2008 banking crisis, and what they found out is that because of the many IT systems and spread data all across the banks and financial institutes, there is no common view of what is accessible. So, that was the key for us to start Mbanq, per se. There is a way we can tackle it, re-engineer it, we can use different algorithms, and bring it from pre-internet to the era where we have smartphones, where we have digital solutions, and so on. So, we use Big Data Algorithms. And obviously with the new IT infrastructure. we can achieve this kind of tremendous success though.”




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