LaMondre Pough

Dr. LaMondre Pough is the CEO of Billiong Strong


Dr. LaMondre Pough is a passionate speaker, mentor, and recognized leader for the community of People with Disabilities. In his current role as CEO of Billion Strong, he brings to the position his natural ability to empower audiences to embrace diversity and create environments where people genuinely belong. He believes that making the world a better place, not only now but for future generations, is truly what this journey is all about.


LeMondre was first diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as a child. This experience enabled him to understand firsthand the global disability inclusion space. As an African American man with a disability, he also has a lived experience with the intersectionality of minority and marginalized groups. The core of how work is to challenge all people, everywhere, to find purpose and ways to improve themselves in every circumstance.

Based on his own experience and trying to help others, Dr. LaMondre founded Billion Strong in 2021. Billion Strong is a nonprofit organization that seeks to unite our Global community, to support each other and empower self-identification and honor our lived experiences with visible and invisible disabilities.

As Dr. LaMondre Pough puts it: “Billion Strong is an identity and empowerment organization designed to bring the billions of voices of persons with disabilities together. We are a global community of persons with lived experiences of disabilities that will also celebrate our allies and accomplices.”

In addition to that, LaMondre serves as the Chief Sustainability Officer for Ruh Global IMPACT, Chairman of Arts Access South Carolina, and recently was inducted into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame, Class of 2020, for his unwavering work supporting disability justice, racial justice, and COVID-19 related issues that impact the disabled community.

Dr. LaMondre Pough is also known as a passionate speaker, seasoned coach, and enthusiastic content creator, host of multiple podcasts, and the creator of the video series “Moment of Impact”. His ability to empower his audiences to embrace diversity and create environments where people truly belong, has helped him become a highly respected speaker, coach, and content creator.

Using colorful stories and stirring facts, LaMondre touches the hearts of his audience that can inspire waves of change. Each message, session, and video by Dr. Pough is a dynamic and unique experience. It is common for listeners to laugh, cry, reflect and come away enriched during his sessions. He challenges people to find purpose and ways to progress themselves in every circumstance.


When Dr. LaMondre Pough was inducted into the Susan Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame, he said about mentoring and inspiring empowerment: “Mentoring is a calling. It is a way to empower individuals, and it is also a way to create the future. Our world is filled with challenges that only we can solve. To overcome racial injustice, social suppression, ableism, and climate change, we must be and nourish our own heroes. For a community to thrive, members of that community must actively and intentionally seek less experienced members and share their time and impart insights to ensure sustained viability. Representation matters. Ben Sweetland said, “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.”