Kohei Kurihara

Kohei Kurihara is a global recognised thought leader and influencer


Kohei Kurihara is a global recognised thought leader and influencer, the co-founder of Privacy by Design Lab @pbdlab, develops data privacy by design lab – that works culture and collaborative measures for future data society.

Kohei is the President of the Tokyo Chapter at Government Blockchain Association, the community to consist of diversified talent and sectors. The platform is a part of blockchain practice with individual empowerment and seeks future government establishment.


Kohei has several experiences at blockchain spaces, and leading local communities worldwide.

Kohei is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of CollaboGate, a Decentralized Collaboration Platform, that matches people who want to collaborate on exciting projects and for companies looking to find great talents. Using our technology we access professionals and verify their skills and experiences, so it is easier for projects to find great talents online.

At CollaboGate, Kohei leads the marketing team to enhance collaboration platforms and run decentralized blockchain media, providing data-driven business consulting for big enterprises with decentralized concept modeling. Kohei has an educational and political background, working as voluntary staff at a non-profit organization in Japan. CollaboGate provides digital transformation service for enterprises with blockchain technology and concept designing, privacy oriented data governance model.

Before starting CollaboGate, Kohei worked with a major Japanese e-commerce company and developed extensive experience with education and non-profit organizations, and with the secretaries of local politicians around creating and developing public policy.


About Kohei Kurihara’s background.

“When I was an undergraduate student I used to be very active in educational projects. After I graduated I joined a big e-commerce company and learnt a lot from technology solutions, marketing, etc. After that I decided to go on my own and try my luck in the entrepreneurial world related to digital transformation, technology and lately, working with blockchain.

When I started working with blockchain we focused very heavily on building our own infrastructure and solutions that were easily accessible to try to engage decision markers and other businesses to adopt blockchain technology. That took us to our latest project: CollaboGate, a decentralized collaboration platform, that matches people who want to collaborate on exciting projects and for companies looking to find great talents.

Japanese culture. I think there are many differences between generations, the gap between older generations and generation Z is huge as Japanese is a very traditional culture. Equally, there are differences between rural and urban areas and education is different too. Where I come from, the countryside we didn’t have access to ICTs as much as in big urban areas. Digital is the new normal and technology plays a big role in Japanese life and economy right now.

The Japanese corporate system is based on a traditional culture where leadership and loyalty plays a big role and that can be seen in major businesses. Even if they focus their operations on technology, the corporate structure follows this rigid hierarchy. And digital transformation and new trends are starting to get afoot on new and old Japanese businesses, though at different pace.”

About Privacy by Design.

“Privacy is not that a big deal in Japan and the perception of privacy is seen differently that in the West. I have been in talks with the Japanese government regarding privacy laws and data protection in Japan, especially as the world’s biggest data gatherers are global companies. That is why we are trying to leverage the conversation around data privacy and protection in Japan.”

About CollaboGate.

“We are building a decentralized collaboration platform based on blockchain technology. It is related again to identity and data protection using blockchain.”

About Society 5.0.

“I totally advocate this concept. Humans should be at the center and at the forefront of technology applications. At the moment technology is beneficial especially for businesses but not so much to the citizens. So I agree with opening this conversation and I am proud Japan is leading it. I love the concept of putting humans again at the center of it all.”