Kieu My (Kimiko) Doan

Change agent, problems solver, and promoter of results-oriented culture


Kieu My Doan, known as Kimiko  is a transformational leader with a proven track record of generating revenue growth for startups and international companies across multiple industries. Her passion is to drive business growth, creating brand values, and promote innovation across the company.


Kieu My Doan background

I was born in Ho Chi Minh, one of the bursting and most innovative cities in Vietnam. My educational background in computer science and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Europe. When I came back I decided to go on my own and started a new journey as the bridge between Vietnam and the rest of the world. Since then I have taken the role of introducing all what Vietnam has to offer to international investors and help innovation in my country.

About Vietnam

If I have to describe Vietnam in one word I would say opportunity. In recent years, Vietnam has become a startup hub, one of the hottest destinations in South Asia. Many investors are looking at Vietnam to set up their companies and invest in the new growing startup ecosystem. 

The reason why we have such a growing startup ecosystem is that we have shifted from a traditional, agricultural based country to an emerging and innovative one. Vietnam has embraced new technologies to boost innovation and people, especially young people, feel more confident to start their own businesses using what technologies can offer. Everything is happening very fast in Vietnam, we have harnessed globalization and new technologies, which has made Vietnam a hotbed for innovation.

Also equally important was education. Some years ago, computer science and technology related studies became the most sought after for students and universities started to offer more and more of these degrees. This helped literate a whole generation that now feels confident and empowered to become entrepreneurs.

About YellowBlocks

What I have seen in my experience is that digital technology needs to be trusted to be really well exploited. YellowBlocks is one such platform that was created to leverage that. YellowBlocks is the trusted business / marketing consulting firm and B2B connector – the gateway to and from Vietnam and the world, in regards to the emerging tech ecosystem (AI/ML/Robotics, Blockchain, Cloud, Data). Currently, we have more than 120 strategic partners and guest advisors, with an extended reach of 100,000+ audience in the tech/ startup space. Our network comprises Ecosystem builders, Tech communities, Academic communities (Universities and Research Institutes), VCs/ Incubators/Accelerators, Global Associations, Top Media / Marketing Agencies, Management consultants / advisors… in Vietnam, US, Europe and SouthEast Asia. Just to name a few: Startup Vietnam Foundation, European Blockchain Hub, Nhip Cau Dau Tu, Global Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, RMIT University, Saigon Innovation Hub, Google Developers Group, North Head Capital, SGInnovate, Business Finland,…

Technology trends in Vietnam

We have a really young population, technical and well trained so one of the industries that are growing really fast is high-tech manufacturing. We are also seeing a lot of smart city technologies being developed and deployed very fast. Rural to urban migration is really high in Vietnam so these technologies are critical for sustainable growth. 

From my own observation and what the data from YellowBlocks tell us, I see that there are some upcoming big trends in terms of innovation in Vietnam. For example, platforms that are able to connect different manufacturers, e-commerce apps and companies, etc.

We also have a really growing influencer market in South East Asia. For example, Tik Tok when it first launched picked Vietnam to test the social media app first. That is a good example of how fast and the importance that Vietnam is having in the world.


Kieu My Doan has consulted and led 30+ high-profile multi-million marketing projects for premium brands. She also led the team to organize the global most prestigious competition for Marketing/Communications Industry – Young Lions for Cannes Lions in Vietnam.

In 2018, Kieu My Doan finally decided to follow her entrepreneur spirit to “connect the dots” of her technical, business and marketing background and embarked on her journey of making positive social impact while generating growth for the clients by establishing YellowBlocks – the first consulting firm in Vietnam focusing on Emerging Tech. YellowBlocks quickly became the trusted partner for more than 120 organizations in over 40 countries, including 4 governments (Vietnam, Australia, Singapore and Austria).

Kieu My Doan is a frequent speaker and moderator at various global technology, business and marketing conferences including Techcrunch China, Vietnam TechFest, Hanoi Innovation Summit,… She also contributed business and tech articles to NhipCauDauTu, Business Insider, e27… In 2019, Kimiko was nominated as the Top 20 Young Leaders in Australia – Vietnam for her contribution to the open innovation ecosystem in Vietnam. She spends most of her free time to appreciate contemporary arts, support various community causes, and practice meditation for introspection.