Khosla Impact

An early-stage equity fund focusing on tech startups.


Khosla Impact Fund is an early-stage equity fund focusing on tech startups that help improve the standard of living in India, and East, and West Africa.

Sandhya Hegde, a partner at the fund, says that Khosla looks for startups that “can reach millions of people over time, that are making core services in health care, education, and energy more affordable, and that are creating a larger number of digital jobs and improving inequity in the global standard of living.”

Mission and business ventures

The fund invests long-term capital in for-profit enterprises. Its specific focus is on sustainable and ethical technologies.

Some of the ventures Kholsa would be interested in investing in include: startups providing access to clean and accessible water, these focused on affordable healthcare, education, mobile marketplaces, and agricultural supply chains.

Moreover, the fund intends to make investments of $200,000 to $2 million per startup for around 10 companies a year globally. Examples of companies in their portfolio: Babajob, Branch, Bridge, Driptech, Embrace Innovations.

In their own words: “We are focused on for-profit enterprises serving people in the bottom half of the world’s economic pyramid”.