Kewal Kapoor

Kewal Kapoor is the founder and creator of the CHAI Kreative & Advisory agency


Kewal Kapoor is the founder and creator of the CHAI Kreative & Advisory agency and its whole concept as well a chai lover himself, Kewal has also been: an assiduous researcher, a proficient writer, investigator and journalist, an experienced producer and director. This cross-industry experience is what makes him an experienced consultant and creative strategist.


Kewal Kapoor served as the Executive Producer with UTV, wherein he researched, scripted, conceptualized and created the first-ever series on Tax Laws in India. He was also the force behind the first Human Rights show on Indian television. He went on to work on a story on the Kargil martyrs. As a journalist, he contributed several write-ups in prominent Hindi dailies. As a Producer/Director, he researched, conceptualized and created groundbreaking TV documentary shows and series that bestowed him with acclaim and accolades.

He has been a consulting partner with some of the top advertising agencies in India. Since 2012, his focus has shifted towards work that creates genuine value in people’s lives. He has since dedicated himself to looking for, and often creating, opportunities and projects that focus on social communication and that redefine spaces of how subaltern issues can be dealt with, while making unique use of the advertising and digital ecosystem.

He is enthusiastic about technology as a tool to empower people and to add value to their lives, and in the lives of communities in general.

Ever since 2015, Kewal Kapoor’s voice has become synonymous with extensive work undertaken in technology-related areas in addition to having conceived a first of its kind not for profit trust project on Mahatama Gandhi.

Today Kewal Kapoor is an opinion leader and influencer in technology-related areas.

Kewal is also a registered member of FWA Mumbai. He is on the Advisory Board of The Poddar Foundation and has played a key role in the Mental Health and Mental Health brand “Silence Todo”. His new company CHAI Creative and Advertising Private Limited is duly recognized by DIPP Government of India and has in very short time won the mandate of Advisory, Advertising and Marketing, including Digital Ecosystem of the largest affordable housing company of India.


Kapoor believes that success requires having a strong leadership presence. He believes he possesses the vision, flexibility and resilience needed to steer the direction of our leading creative and consulting firm.

According to Kapoor:

“Being creative, standing out and adding value sustainably with resilience – this is the key to market domination and this is what we do for our clients.

From creative ideas to cutting-edge technology solutions, CHAI Kreative helps our clients craft innovative business solutions that stand for relevant matters, and ultimately stand out from the competition”.

One of Kewal Kapoor’s missions in life has been to create a life of health and dignity for the elderly.  With The Return of Million Smiles project, his objective of promoting dignified ageing has become a reality.

Employing technical solutions to create emotional wellbeing for the aged and making them an important part of the community living space is the vision. An impressive deal has already been frozen for which his company wishes to infuse capital in the coming financial year, with the positive goal of reaching some major markets abroad.