Keepface Global, Inc.

A Global Influencer Marketing Platform


Media and Communications  

Keepface is an Azerbaijan startup with headquarters based in Dubai, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and the Caucasus countries. The company started to operate at Baku Business Factory (BBF) in 2017. Keepface is an automated platform for Influencer Marketing, a trend marketing strategy worldwide. Influents on this platform - users who have many followers on social networks (celebrities, bloggers, journalists, experts, active groups and pages) and brands carry out social media campaigns. At present, Keepface is rendering services to many local and international companies and agencies in the region. With more than 500,000 influencers, the potential outreach of the company is 1.4 billion.


KeepFace was established in 2017. In January 2018, the company raised US$300,000 in their seed round. While for the seed round in April 2019, they raised US$150,000 from 500 startups. In January of 2022, however, Sheesha Finance led the investment, followed by others, in the ICO round, raising US$3 million for the company.


Keepface dedicates itself to automate influencer marketing, plan, manage, and distribute creative content that actually sells from a single platform.


The company progresses on its path to realise its mission by analysing influencers’ audience and managing campaigns via all-in-one tool.

Recognition and Awards
With successful campaigns for brands like Herbal Essences, Blend-a-med, Activia, Danone, DeFacto, Oral B, Lay's, Pepsi, and McDonald's, Keepface is making its mark in the industry with outstanding influencer marketing.

Keepface Global, Inc.
Leadership team

Emin Valiyev (CMO & Co-Founder)

Vagif Abbasov (Executive Director & Co-Founder)

Elsad Yusifli (Co-Founder )


Media and Communications

Products/ Services
Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, and Employee Advocacy
Numbers of Employees
0 - 50
Dubai, UAE
2M - 5M
Social Media

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