John Suit

Advising CTO at KODA and Chief Technology Officer at Cyber Reliant


John Suit is an advising CTO at robotic dog company, KODA. John is also Chief Technology Officer at Cyber Reliant, responsible for Innovation and the technical direction of CRC. John has a background in cybersecurity, entrepreneurship and computer science.


American born John Suit is a cybersecurity, AI and robotics expert working at robotic company KODA as the advising CTO. In his position, John is overseeing the technology behind KODA robotic dog within the company’s goal of bringing about the future of technology with the human in mind. It does this by focusing on empathy towards the human condition and by always maintaining its responsibility to enhance the quality of life of anyone who interacts with KODA robots.

As well as his role at KODA, John Suit is CTO at Cyber Reliant, a provider of next generation Cryptographic and Dynamic Content Provisioning technologies to select Government agencies, as well as Commercial Organizations that require the most advanced content assurance and secure mobile communications. Under John Suit leadership, the company has developed a True Random Number Generation utilizing commercially available smart phones, Information Theoretic Security (Quantum Resistant) data Key and Content data shredding for Data at Rest, and Data in Transit.

Between 2011 and 2015, John was Xceedium Inc CTO, which was acquired by CA Technologies, where he currently serves as an Advisor to Ca Technologies.

Prior to Xceedium, in 2006, John Suit co-founded Nano Network Engines which became Fortisphere. Prior to Fortisphere, John was the VP of Advanced Technology for Cloakware and responsible for creating and developing the NNE product which was based on an in-house built Nano Network Engine technology. He came to this position after a very successful effort as Co-Founder and Initial developer of the SilentRunner Product. SilentRunner became the basis for a successful company that was ultimately sold to Computer Associates.

Between 2003 and 2004, John held the position of Vice President of Development Strategy for Computer Associates, where he initiated three new product offerings that are available today.

Prior to that, in 1997 and at SilentRunner, Inc, John held the position of Chief Technology Officer and Director of Professional Services and was a co-inventor of the SilentRunner Forensic Analysis system. He was responsible for creating the vision and overall technology strategy for the SilentRunner products.

John Suits holds over Thirty-five U.S. and International Patents in Information Security Analysis (Cyber Defense) and Securing Cloud Environments with several patents pending.