Jewel Okwechime

Jewel Okwechime is a global environmental and business leader


Jewel Okwechime is a global environmental leader, expert in change management strategies for Oil and Gas companies. Jewel Okwechime is a fellow & chartered engineer with over 20 years’ experience assisting businesses such as Schlumberger, Woodside Energy, BP, Shell and ExxonMobil. Jewel is the Non Executive Director & Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and Investor relations for the VFD Group Plc. Jewel is also an Oil and Energy Consultant Business Development Manager for Deltic Energy Limited.

Okwechime recently took the role a role within the advisory board of Billion Strong with global thought leader Debra Ruh.


Jewel Okwechime is currently the Non Executive Director & Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and Investor relations for the VFD Group Plc. A Chemical Engineer she has 20+ years experience working with the likes of BP, Shell and ExxonMobil, and growing into becoming a global environmental leader.

Jewel Okwechime is a proven environmental control strategist within the global oil and gas sphere, reviewing the best available technologies and providing cost-saving options on-site. In fact, Jewel set up J&R Environmental Services  in 2001, a successful environmental services consultancy and she works in process industry expertise and access to a large network and knowledge base. She – provides businesses and organisations, large and small, with practical, cost-effective solutions for achieving environmental and safety compliance.

Jewel Okwechime is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers, the highest level of professionalism in chemical engineering. Jewel Okwechime also helps other engineers to become chartered.

A pioneering female engineer, Jewel OkwechimeI thrives on demanding jobs and overcoming challenges. Jewel Okwechime is always interested in specialist leadership roles within the environmental and oil and gas sustainability arena.

Jewel Okwechime holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from the Halton College, Cheshire, England and a Masters of Engineering in Chemical and Bio-process Engineering from the University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, England.

Areas of expertise

· Understanding environmental laws

· Environmental Management System improvements

· Support for stakeholder engagements

· Help in obtaining ISO 14001 EMS certification

· The monitoring of pollution to air, water and land,

· Meeting on-site regulatory requirements

· Reviewing novelty items on-site

· Managing environmental control systems

· Providing cost-saving options on-site

· Reviewing the best available technologies


Jewel Okwechime is an expert in change management and sustainable strategies for businesses. She said recently: “Businesses turn to me when they need strategic visioning, environmental change management, certifications, assistance with legislative compliance, and sustainable and cost-effective solutions.”

Jewel Okwechime enjoys networking and wellness and biohacking. She has been working in ways to optimise performance and lifestyle and has been working with some wellness and health tech companies looking at ways to optimise performance and wellness.