Jason Michael Primrose

Jason Michael Primrose is a writer, entrepreneur, and author of The Lost Children of Andromeda


Jason Michael Primrose is an entrepreneur, founder, and storyteller best known for his book series The Lost Children of Andromeda as well as leading a publishing company, as the Chief Creative Officer for The Cluster Chronicles LLC


Jason is a serial entrepreneur, writer, storyteller, creator, strategist, experiential marketing guy, and influencer. Being from a family of literature, poetry, and prose, Jason was magnetised to the world of storytelling from his tender years. 

He worked twelve hard years of consulting in the brand and creative marketing to nurture his brainchild “The Lost Children of Andromeda” which is the first IP under the TCC umbrella. 

He worked as a brand strategy consultant with Primrose Productions, XOMAD Digital Marketing, Three Cherries LLC, Coordinates Collection, good hYOUman, and Calaesthetics in the Greater Los Angeles area. He evolved in influencer marketing at I.AM+ and Blue Revolver Inc. He founded a consulting business “Caged Creative” in 2015 that is focused on connecting the talent of today with socially conscious and ethical brands (and vice versa) for partnerships, storytelling, disruptive content, and activations. 

But it was Cluster Chronicles, a media, technology, and publishing company, that Jason founded and is currently the CEO of where Lost Children of Andromeda debuted.

He also founded AndromedaBEETS- an IP Expansion through coordinated NFT projects, leveraging literature as source material to create a gamified reading experience.

Cluster Chronicles

The Cluster Chronicles, LLC is a media, technology, and publishing company. They develop literature, music, visual art, XR experiences, and animation. Their mission is to champion unheard voices, particularly those of color, by nurturing and amplifying their stories across platforms and industries. 

The Cluster Chronicles is a content factory that draws from a unique Universe in which an infinite number of stories is possible. The first dynamic series: Lost Children of Andromeda takes its characters through the complexity of existence, perspective, and self-preservation, within an epic tale of intergalactic battles between extraterrestrial civilizations and humanity. We combine a traditional print novel format and personalized product delivery with custom experiences for a demographic facing an unmet need.


According to VentsMagazine, the author’s vision is:

“imaginative fiction is the perfect realm for those voices to live. In statements, he has credited his inspiration for the Lost Children of Andromeda universe to a strong subconscious desire to express both his trials and triumphs as an LGBTQ+ person of color. His novels in the Andromeda universe include Zosma: The Lost Children of Andromeda (2018), and his most recent, 205Z Time and Salvation: The Lost Children of Andromeda (2021). “


Jason wrote a bestselling book series, The Lost Children of Andromeda. It is an immersive sci-fi experience that mixes elements of literature, art, and music. The story starts with Zosma, a Dystopian novel following a young, African American man on his heroic quest to rescue an alien refugee. The original book series serves as the foundation for the NFT offshoot, which incorporates the use of non-fungible tokens into the reading experience. Set 30 years in the future, the “Lost Children” metaverse combines role-playing, storytelling, and a timeline.