A consultancy company focused on providing IT support


IT2Profit is a Belgium-based consultancy company focused on providing IT support for businesses and individuals. Founded in 2006, IT2Profit is specialized in providing training and coaching services for all IT management profiles; Blockchain and DLT Services; ICT Services and Outsourcing evaluations.


As an IT consultancy company, IT2Profit provides the following services:

Training Services and Coaching Assignments

IT2Profit provides training and coaching services for all IT management profiles. All their training is custom designed.

Blockchain and DLT Services

They provide a wide scale of services in this area:

Analysis and Recommendations for Blockchain Projects. Too many projects fail in this world. The essence is clear, and a project has a higher probability of surviving and creating value if the following criteria are met:

· Does the project approach succeed in building a large community ?

· What is the use case / usability ? What makes it unique ?

· What is the plan for convertibility and or exchange listings of the underlying token ?

· How does the project handle KYC, KYB and regulatory compliance ?

· Does the team have the capability, knowledge and experience to deliver ?

Portfolio Management for tokens. Growing the base and value is a key service, driven by Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Social Media monitoring, etc … IT2Profit works success fee based in this area for all clients with great results to date.

Buying or Selling. They facilitate using their drip feeding model buyers and sellers by processing on their behalf at the right times when the markets drop or spike.

OTC Facilitation and Business Intelligence Services. IT2Profit provides our business intelligence services to Notaries, Lawyers, Buyers and Sellers to help pull a deal together the right way to transact safely and predictable. They also manage OTC projects end to end, including the following services which are also available as a service to other parties:

· Due Diligence on buyers, sellers, escrow firms, lawyers, etc ….

· People and organisation forensics

· Proof Of Coin validations.

· Chain Analysis and forensics

· Project Management

ICT Services

As IT2Profit puts it, audits are a great tool to understand the current state, what works well, and what should be improved. So they audit in light of strengthening the performance.

CIO Office is a key element to safeguard the strategy and its execution as well as the ongoing business alignment and prioritisation. A PMO is often a good tool and can also be an overkill or bureaucracy and yet mandatory in some shape or form. IT2Profit determines what is needed, and how an organisation can evolve to get to the right level efficiently.

Security and Compliance are essential, from the policy level all the way to the remediation level, and touches all business functions as well as IT. Security is not a technical thing, and since IT touches every process and function in a business, IT is well positioned to help the entire organisation become and stay compliant. They assess a company’s current state, help them measure and prioritise, build the plan, and get to a balanced level.

Project Management is an essential service that they deliver in case an organisation needs help to get things done.

Outsourcing evaluations

IT2Profit provides outsourcing evaluations such as Contract Evaluation to understand whether a company has a strong agreement; Outsourcing Audits and Scorecard and Performance Reviews as a means of ongoing management and a must do in outsourcing deals.

Services For Service Providers

IT2Profit helps Service Providers in the different services they need on an ongoing or temporary basis and with all their services. Likewise, they provide Bid Management Services to help create successful proposals for large and strategic deals and offerings.


IT2Profit uses their extensive experience, knowledge and methodologies to help companies drive profit following this vision:

The future performance of companies is determined by the capability to

· Adapt to the changing marketplace at the right speed.

· Change and evolve the organization at the right speed to execute against the strategy at all times.

· Doing this in a systematic approach, with the right people.

· Focus continuously on achieving repeatable success.


IT2Profit mission is to drive and establish change to reach sustainable performance by focusing on the entire value chain and all possibilities. Long term sustainable value creation is the essence of our focus. Our motto is to make ourselves obsolete once our mission is completed.