Investors’ Circle

Investors' Circle (Social Venture Circle) is an early-stage impact investing network.


Investors’ Circle (Social Venture Circle) is an early-stage impact investing network that concentrates on funding startup innovation. The company’s network of angel investors, venture capitalists, foundations, and individuals have invested over $200 million and supported more than 300 enterprises devoted to making a positive social impact.

Mission and investments

SVC’s goal is to build businesses that will drive the next economy: one that is regenerative, fair and flourishing.

SVC was founded by the originators and prophets of ethical business and it continues to attract leaders, enterprises, and institutions that share their mission.

SVC believes the way forward to the next economy will entail expanding the idea of diversity to incorporate true social and economic inclusion, and expanding the meaning of success beyond profits.

What differentiates them from other networks

SVC is known for their direct support of member companies and this places them in a position of expertise within the narrative of growth and scale of social impact companies and direct transactional knowledge.

SVC has historic case studies of member companies that have successfully exited to large scale impact and/or are now publicly traded, so they are able to speak to the entire life cycle and best practices of social impact companies and related transactions.

Their local, national and virtual educational programming is designed to both help members expand their toolkits and relationships in the impact space, as well as educate those potential members new to the social impact space. Their pitch sessions are designed to facilitate the flow of capital into impact companies”.

One of the Investors’ Network partners, said:

“Our partnership with Social Venture Circle goes beyond the investment marketplace; it affords us the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of people in our community. We are dedicated to supporting their mission to serve enterprises in the Greater Philadelphia Area that are addressing social and environmental challenges”.

– Lou Rappaport, Partner, Blank Rome LLP

Examples of investments made by the SVC

Altereco America

Fairtrade food importer and distributor dedicated to ethical relationships with farmers and sustainable supply chain practices.