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ICT&health International is the official homepage for healthcare innovations and smart technologies that change the future of healthcare.


All content, both online and offline is compiled in collaboration with international contributors that ITC&health’s editorial board consists of – Medical specialists, Doctors, physicians, scientists, patients, government officials and innovation leaders. ICT&health is also the only leading magazine in its field that combines views and experience from both medical experts and patients.


ICT&health International presents the wide spectrum of the digital transformation in healthcare in an objective, sharp and understandable way, including different perspectives and opinions. The mission of the ICT&health is to become a reliable and up-to-date source of news and knowledge for all stakeholders, healthcare industry representatives and patients, regardless of the digital health literacy, language or country. To them, digital health is not only about single inventions, shiny gadgets, latest trends and buzz words. What matters is the holistic transformation of healthcare where the patient is placed in the centre of all decisions, strategies and solutions. ICt&health believe this is our shared responsibility and everybody has to be on board: patients, doctors, nurses, healthcare managers, politicians, pharmacists, medicine students, start-ups, IT companies, payers, non-profit organizations.