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Transforming lives and bring people, cultures and ideas together.


Hult International Business School offers students an opportunity to see the world, study business management, understand unique cultures and operate in an international context while working along side peers from 135 different nationalities in a diverse educational environment.  The business school provides a hands-on, research-oriented learning experience through working with companies like P&G, Sony and Credit Suisse, and gives students a unique, global perspective through its Global Campus Rotation which allows students to spend up to three months studying at two different campuses abroad. The business school is accredited by NEASC and AMBA and provides cutting-edge business education in the areas of emerging markets, digital marketing, social entrepreneurship and crowdsourcing.  Their mission is to be a global institution that transforms lives through delivering valuable business education while bringing together people, cultures and ideas from all over the world.  Hult also encourages personal growth, integrity, global sensitivity, local engagement and civic values so that students can function in the global economy and ultimately better their businesses and communities. The business school was established in 1964 as the first corporate university in the United States and was originally known as Arthur D. Little School of Management.  The intial teaching pedagogy of action learning is still in place today, which applies classroom theory to real-world situations. Each year, the Hult Prize Competition is hosted in cooperation with the Clinton Global Initiative to provide a competition to students around the world and create social good.  A critical social challenge is selected for teams of students to develop innovative social enterprises that are directed at creating a solution for the specific issue.  The winning team is given a one million dollar grant to implement their solution.


The One-year MBA Programme provides students with a global experience and offers the opportunities to live and study in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, New York or Sao Paulo.  The programme is designed to teach students how to thrive in international business and the curriculum focuses on practical application and gives students valuable tools, training and hands-on experience. The teaching pedagogy is dedicated to the development of individual, team and managerial skills and is delivered through five modules and a project management module.  Here are the modules and a description of what each one offers.

  • Module A: Students build financial and analytical knowledge .
  • Module B: Students learn how to sustain successful organisations and maintain a competitive edge in macroeconomic turmoil.
  • Module C: Students learn how to execute and lead a business and develop competence in acute areas of business.
  • Module D: Students participate in a capstone project and take their choice of a list of electives.
  • Module E: Students choose further electives and participate in an international exchange programme.
  • Project Management Specialisation: Equips students with the technical and people skills needed to manage projects for multinationals, family businesses and NGOs.

Hult runs their MBA programme based on the “LEAP Method – Learn, Experience, Action Project”.  This method ensures students have plenty of hands-on experience and are ready to function in the real-world come graduation. The Executive MBA Programme is a part-time programme designed for professionals looking to enhance their business knowledge and credentials while gaining an international business perspective.  The curriculum is delivered over two years and classes are taught four days of the month.  The LEAP Method and international exchange programme is offered, as well as the fundamental teachings of the MBA programme. Below is the outline for years one and two, provided by Hult.

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Global MBA Rankings

Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US

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