Giordano Bruno Institute



Giordano Bruno Institute is a new nonprofit inspired by the Open AI initiative.


The purpose of the Giordano Bruno Institute is to build a worldwide platform for people to maximize their use of technology in the 21st century. Based on projections in The Machine Economy, they believe radical acceleration is coming and radical change is needed. They believe technology should help and work with people, not turn them into passive targets for advertising and that the advertising industry should be cut in roughly half, and people should use their own personal data for their own benefit. They think large tech companies dominating industries is not optimal for society. We need technology, but it should be governed by its users, not by a handful of huge corporates with their own agendas. They also want to train young people to work and learn without formal education and want to help the future shapers of tomorrow learn to use the scientific method, Bayesian reasoning, and cost-benefit analysis to understand and fix the big problems in the world. In short, they want to build systems for thinking, learning, and communicating that will benefit everyone in the years of acceleration to come.


The Giordano Bruno Institute is dedicated to creating and building the personal data store technology that powers thousands of services inside its own “meta-app.” The personal data storage will be available to consumers for free for one year, after which they will need to find a storage provider. This will enable people to own their own data, and “pull” services, rather than today’s “push”-based approach. Rather than data being “portable,” your personal data will be at the heart of this new system, which is centered around you. Vendors and service providers will participate in our ecosystem via their offers, and you will hire personal digital assistants in our PDA marketplace to help you get what you want.