Futurae offers IT security solutions and a smart authentication software called Sound-Proof.


Futurae was created in 2016 by security researchers from the Systems Security Group of ETH Zurich.

Founded with the aspiration to eliminate one of the biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities to businesses today – the lack of user adoption when it comes to optional authentication solutions. A problem that stems from the fact that current solutions are not easy-to-use, nor user-friendly.

That is why at Futurae, they strive to be the new standard in usable authentication – security that doesn’t compromise on user experience. Their innovative and state-of-the-art bank grade cybersecurity technology has garnered internationally acclaim, awards and satisfied customers. CEO – Claudio Marforio: Claudio focuses on business development and technology. Claudio holds a PhD from ETH Zurich in Computer Science and is an expert in Mobile Security.


Cybersecurity for start-ups and enterprises – enabling strong security postures in a landscape of constantly evolving and emerging threats by providing affordable and customer-centric Swiss-made secure authentication.