Fitly Inc.

Fitly Inc. is an American based and award-winning, digital health company


Fitly Inc. is an American based and award-winning, digital health company. After many years of research and development, Fitly Inc. announced in November 2020 launch of SmartPlate: a food tracking device and app that achieves 99% nutrition accuracy by relying on highly precise scales, artificial intelligence, and the latest food recognition technology.


Fitly was originally created in October 2011 by co-founder Anthony Ortiz, current CEO, Harry Du, current COO, and co-founder Nataliya Preiss, current CMO. Based in Austin, Texas, Anthony Ortiz, Harry Du and Nataliya Preiss founded Fitly to create a healthier world using the latest AI developments and an innovative approach.

The major milestone came in November 2020 when they launched their signature product, SmartPlate, which is recognized as the world’s first Intelligent Wellbeing Platform™ that uses advanced photo recognition and AI technology to identify, weigh, and analyze food in mere seconds.


SmartPlate is the signature product of Fitly Inc. Smartplate is a food tracking device that comes along with an app to make Fitly’s Intelligent Wellbeing Platform™. This is a combination of 3 highly precise food scales matched with artificial intelligence and advanced food recognition technology. Together, this powerful tool gives users complete control over their nutrition intake.

SmartPlate’s easy-to-use system tracks users’ diet for them 4 times faster and 65 times more accurately than all calorie and carb counting apps. The SmartPlate PRO app allows a user to select one of three goal-specific programs (or create a custom plan). The countertop device pairs with the app for precision image recognition, analysis, and tracking of macro and micronutrients, access a database of hundreds of thousands of packaged and restaurant items for tracking on-the-go, and get helpful tips and feedback to stay on track. Users simply need to load their plate and take a photo of their meal to receive nutritional information within just five seconds.

SmartPlate was created with elite athletes in mind, but anyone can use it.


SmartPlate is a leader among brands in the American health sector looking to create products that impact body composition and prevent or manage chronic diseases. With more than 100 million Americans already turning to calorie counting applications, SmartPlate aims to help everyone live a healthier life through simpler, more accurate, and science-backed measures.


Anthony Ortiz – co-founder & CEO

Anthony Ortiz started his professional career  as a District Manager of a Blockbuster regional branch in 1995. During that experience, he devised and implemented a casino-employee loyalty program called the ‘Casino Royalty Program’ and single handedly enrolled all major Atlantic City casinos (The Hilton, Trump Plaza, Caesars & the Taj Mahal) to receive discounts at any of their store locations, hence, increased sales by 25% that year. Thanks to that work, their stores received the “WOW” Award for best customer service and revenues in the year 2000.

In 2005, he joined OptAmerica Mortgage as Sales Manager and Team Leader and in 2007 he became the Director, New Business Development & Interim CEO of transportation logistics enterprise dedicated to the movement of containerized cargo EcoWay.

His entrepreneurial career started with EcoExpress LLC in 2009, a transportation logistics company Anthony started and sold to EcoWay, LLC under 18 months.

Finally, in 2011, he teamed up with Harry Du and Nataliya Preiss to fund Fitly Inc.

Harry Du – co-founder & COO

Harry Du is an experienced tech strategist/innovator with strong analytical skills; extensive management and execution experience in consumer electronics, I.o.T, and healthcare; seasoned entrepreneurship mentor and active member of the Philadelphia startup community.

Nataliya Preiss – co-founder & CMO

Nataliya Preiss is a multi-passionate entrepreneur at the intersection of nutrition, leadership, and AI technology. Nataliya Preiss is passionate about leveling the playing field for women, funding, and raising female entrepreneurs’ profiles. She is an active angel investor, speaker, and regularly advises startups.

Nataliya held positions as a global business development consultant for multinational companies before moving into the angel investment and startup worlds. Nataliya Preiss joined SmartPlate’s team as a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer in 2019. She holds two Master’s degrees and, to deeply understand the power of nutrition, Nataliya studied and received certification as a Health Coach (INN, 2019).