EGN Singapore

EGN Singapore is a Global Network for Executives


EGN Singapore is a global organization that assists business leaders in expansion via the use of a trusted network.

EGN Singapore seeks to generate personal, professional, and business value for its network peers through business partnerships and experience exchange in confidential situations.

What began as a single man’s concept in 1992 has grown into a global network of 14,000 members representing over 8,000 enterprises and 70 professions. A trustworthy global network of peers with the same goal of making each other better every day.


Jeanette Galsgaard, Jorgen Galsgaard and Nick Johnsson founded EGN, Executives’ Global Network, in 1992 in Svendborg, Denmark. As a CFO, Jorgen Galsgaard was in a position where he lacked access to peers for guidance. As a result, Jorgen established a professional peer group network for Financial and Accounting Officers.

The first peer group for IT Managers was formed in 1996, and throughout the years, the network’s professional scope expanded to include executives and experts from Logistics, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, and General Management.

The first peer group was established in Sweden in 2008, laying the groundwork for the worldwide network for EGN. Later that year, Norway and Singapore were added, and in the years that followed, EGN Group developed considerably, particularly in Europe and Asia.

EGN Executives’ Global Network expansion in Singapore leads to a broad mix of senior executives and young people from a number of industries, including shipping, aerospace, banking, pharmaceutical, executive search, information technology, and many more.


EGN Members’ Universe is a one-of-a-kind members-only networking tool that allows you to exchange concerns, challenges, and inspiration with over 14,000 peers globally in a private forum 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You will gain exclusive access to: a unique, global query function, private one-to-one messaging with access to all 14,000 members, debate and network forums on an international, national, and professional level, and Private, confidential groups for all established peer groups by subscribing to EGN Singapore’s Members’ Universe.

the EGN leadership peer group is a secure environment for young leaders to build their leadership identities and to inspire more young leaders to discover their management purpose.

Eric Sim serves as the Chairperson of this peer group. Eric has over 25 years of experience in banking, risk management, investment banking, and, most recently, as a Professor at prestigious institutions in Beijing, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He created the Institute of Life (IOL) with the goal of training professionals to be successful at work and in life.


The goal of EGN Singapore is to assist people and businesses thrive by creating a shared yet private environment in which business connections and experience-sharing may flourish.

Through business relationships and experience sharing in confidential settings, EGN strives to create personal, professional, and business value for our network peers. We believe in making each other better.

EGN aims to achieve this goal by having six peer group meetings each year for each function, as well as over 50 cross-functional sessions covering a wide range of leadership issues. Individual growth is the emphasis of these gatherings. Their members benefit from ongoing sparring, invaluable insights into market trends, and the exchange of useful information with their colleagues.


EGN Singapore’s long-term goal is to become a critical component of daily business life across the world by connecting company leaders and professionals with properly matched professional peer groups.

Based on expert relationships and the exchange of experiences in a private setting, EGN has grown from a one-man concept in 1992 to a worldwide network with over 14,000 members in 15 countries representing over 8.000 enterprises and 70 professional fields.


Nick Jonsson (Co-founder & Managing Director)

Nick Johnsson, holds a Bachelor of Communication (MKTG & ADV) and a Master of Public Relations degree. Therefore, he considers himself to be a self-motivated individual who enjoys competing in marathons and IRONMAN events. In addition, he also enjoys the adrenaline rush of speaking at conferences, seminars, and events, and has spoken on radio and television several times. He is specifically enthusiastic about connecting senior executives in confidential social groups to assist each other confront difficulties and find possibilities.

He has worldwide skills in general management, direct sales, and marketing expertise; as a result of working for 23 years for big international businesses in Asia, Australia, and Europe. In addition, Johnsson has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as Vice Chairman of the Direct Selling Committee Vietnam, which contributes to his capacity of value on a worldwide scale. This resulted in him co-funding EGN Singapore and become the Managing Director presently.

Michael Parker (Business Development Director)

Michael Parker is the Business Development Director of EGN Singapore. and his professional interest in life is a good buyer-seller connection that benefits both sides. He spent 25 years in the textile industry, having a thorough role in both sales management, and purchasing. However, eventually, Parker learned that the element of the work he liked the most, the sales connection, was matched by the mentorship of the younger salespeople.

Recognizing this, he traveled to Asia for a period of time to teach full-time to adults in Business English; it was a wonderful fit. I have a keen interest in and a deep affection for the region, its politics, culture, and people. I was offered a position with BEN Vietnam when Parker was in Indonesia ( Business Executive Network).

In June 2019, he became the Bussiness Development Director of EGN Singapore. Parker oversaw a network that provides access to current trends, inspiration, and the chance to test ideas in a private setting. The groups Parker monitored were made up of 25 business peers who anonymously encourage, grow, and qualify the participants’ decisions and activities.

A network saves you time and money while also providing you with useful information for decision-making, which results in personal, professional, and financial benefits for you and your company.

Devan Arumugam Pillai (Community Growth Director)

Eric Sim (Chairperson of EGN Leadership)