Eduardo Javier Muñoz

Eduardo Javier Munoz is an entrepreneur and CEO of EVShare


Eduardo Javier Munoz is an entrepreneur and CEO of EVShare, a decentralized power-transportation system that transports clean energy as well as people and goods. Over the past seventeen years, Eduardo Javier Munoz worked with International business, integration of complex value chains, product development, import-export, supply chain operations, and business consulting in Brazil, Argentina, and the US.


Eduardo Javier Muñoz is a native of Argentina who lived 10 years in Brazil and works in projects in the United States since 2012. In the last 9 years, Eduardo Javier Muños developed a career in ArqBravo Group, a sustainable mobility innovation company, leading its success in the US, integrating technology companies from all around the world to work over solutions on Sustainable Transportation, Renewable Energy sources application and communications.

As the EVShare’s CEO, Eduardo is in charge of establishing operations, strategic alliances, articulating efforts with private and governmental institutions to create solutions to complex problems. Through the establishment of a collaboration between several mature technology providers, EV share was able to form a unique network which not only integrates modern mobility technology such as fossil-free, autonomous vehicles, but has also combined these with blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to guarantee the most efficient usage and sharing of energy and services within communities. These systems are aimed to be held by the communities themselves, thereby increasing the convenience of the citizens, as well as simultaneously lowering the environmental and health impact caused by conventional cars and lowering the amount of traffic accidents.

In his current position, Eduardo Javier Muñoz capitalises on his previous experiences in diverse areas of the mobility industry to bring this innovative product and transportation approach to the cities of the future.

Among his specialities are strategic view, lateral thinking, International Business, negotiation, logistics, product development.