EdenBase is an Ecosystem & hub, knowledge base & fund


EdenBase is a flexible physical, virtual ecosystem and foundation dedicated to supercharging the next generation of Game Changers.

This company was founded by Eric van der Kleij and Daniel Doll-Steinberg, two prominent innovators and ecosystem creators who launched its first investment competition.


Eric van der Kleij and Daniel Doll-Steinberg EdenBase is an optimized physical hub designed by the same team that created London’s famous Level39 in Canary Wharf, the TechCity initiative establishing the UK as a European “Silicon Valley,”. The Fintech vertical of the Swiss Kickstart accelerator with Digital Switzerland, and one of the UK’s first trillion-dollar product opportunities. EdenBase assists portfolio businesses in delivering responsible development and valued impact in order to create a better future by building a community and ecosystem.

In November 2020, Edenbase launched its first investment competition. This competition aims to discover potential companies to fund investment in as well as to join and benefit from the fund’s transformational community in London. They are preferably searching for businesses whose primary technology is not yet based on cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, AR/VR, 5G, and so on, and who believe they can become super-performers by investing in and adopting these technologies.

Their ecosystems and programs were critical as they enabled the rapid rise of businesses like as Bankable, carwow, Darktrace, Deliveroo, Digital Shadows, eToro, Farfetch, Funding Circle, Just Eat, Just Giving, Lendinvest, Monzo, Onfido, Revolut, Ripple, Shazam, Skyscanner, Transferwise, Zoopla, and many more.


As a Portfolio member, this firm provides something unique and considers ideas that other investors do not. They think that as we transition into a tech-enabled world built on the interchange of data and value, every organization will require FinTech at its core. We think that frontier technologies, which are now becoming general-purpose, will provide an overwhelming competitive edge. They invest capital, technology, and experience into their portfolio service to help them achieve sustainable supergrowth, based on our track record in FinTech and frontier technologies.

The Edenbase investment competition will identify the first startups in which they will invest to join and benefit from a transformative community in London, UK. They are looking for: Companies that can become super-performers by implementing technology such as AI or Blockchain/5G, potential fast-track investments in Companies that have Covid-beating solutions for travel (e.g. commuting) and places (eg offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, cinemas, schools, stadiums and more.)


Edenbase thinks that long-term growth is accomplished largely via invention and adaptation and that this is difficult to do without access to information. Education and knowledge are thus always excellent investments. Money and power are both zero-sum games. Knowledge is therefore exponential, and cutting-edge technology is new knowledge.

They concentrate on information and promote free thought, fostering an environment in which questions and challenges are always welcome. This company view failures as opportunities for growth, celebrate achievements, and brings together the greatest experts, start-ups, and service and technology firms. Edenbase is currently developing and managing an ecosystem to foster mutual trust and respect. They invite policymakers and anybody else that wants to work with them to create the best environment possible.


The EdenBase purpose is to create a community and an optimized environment supporting super growth for the next generation of game-changers. They attempt to attain this through fast-track companies and ideas working to resolve challenges due to COVID, such as travel, public health, safety, transport, office and work.

They are seeking promising businesses that have validated their ideas, markets, and customers. This might be proven by industry-specific metrics such as traction, revenue, customers, pipeline, and collaborations.

To qualify for EdenBase investment and help develop the community, firms must have at least received early funding, such as cash from founders, friends, and family, angel investors, or a seed round. They are also searching for firms that have the potential to become super-performers by adopting cutting-edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, or 5G.


Daniel Doll-Steinberg- Co-Founder

Daniel started his career in global derivatives technology in London and New York. Following that he founded / co-founded several companies delivering disruptive technology platforms in the entertainment and marketing spaces. Since 2016 Daniel has focussed on the Blockchain, specifically bringing real-world companies to the Blockchain.

He also founded, with a group of gaming veterans and an Ethereum founder, a computer gaming blockchain project that has the potential to deliver the future of work. This project, called the Atari Token, is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created to become the token of reference for the interactive entertainment industry. The idea behind it, as Daniel says, is to have the Atari Token used as widely as possible across the interactive entertainment industry, allowing developers and publishers new options for the exploitation of their products, integration of smart contracts, protection of in-game assets and so much more.

For several years Daniel advised both the UK Government and the European Commission on innovation, growth, and education policy. This included being the two-term UK appointed member of the European Commission Enterprise Policy Group (Business Chamber) and a member of the UK Government’s EU Advisory Group for the Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills.

In January 2020, Daniel Doll-Steinber and Eric van der Kleij founded EdenBase, which invests knowledge, capital and technology, to enable the next Game Changing tech-companies to achieve responsible growth and positive impact.

Eric van der Kleij- Co-Founder

Eric van der Kleij is a technology entrepreneur and CEO of Frontier Network (formerly C4DR.com), an international hub focussed on Blockchain, Fintech & AI. Eric is also the Chair of distributed security business Keybox.co, and Chair of crypto-finance-conference.com in st. Moritz, Switzerland. He is Hon. Chairman of the Advisory Group for the UK Government’s (DIT) Global Entrepreneur Programme.

Prior to this, Eric created and led Level39, one of Europe’s largest hubs for Fintech, Cyber & Smart Cities technology companies based on the entire 39th, 42nd and 24th floors at Canary Wharf’s One Canada Square. Previously he was the first CEO of the UK Government’s Tech City Investment Organisation (now Technation.io), tasked by the Prime Minister with boosting investment, entrepreneurship and skills in the “Silicon Roundabout” area of East London. Eric is founder of specialist consultancy DV2C Ltd advising clients such as the FinTech Kickstart Accelerator in Zurich. He is a volunteer member of the Tech London Advocates Advisory Board and the Plexal Innovation Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.