Draper Dragon are a sector agnostic early stage fund, looking for companies with innovative technologies and business models with market appeal in Silicon Valley and in China.


Established in March of 2006, DFJ DragonFund was the joint venture between the internationally recognized venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) and DragonVenture, which helped pioneer venture capital in China in the late 90’s. Since its inception, DFJ DragonFund managed two US Dollar funds “DFJ DragonFund I & DFJ DragonFund II” and one RMB fund. In 2014, the DFJ Global Network rebranded as the Draper Venture Network. With the launch of our 3rd US Dollar fund in 2016, DFJ DragonFund henceforward became known as DraperDragon. Portfolio:
Since the project team focuses on the Chinese market, their portfolio is slightly different from the investments of other funds (#HASHED, Signum Capital, Kosmos Capital, Pantera Capital). Draper Dragon includes in its portfolio projects related to:

health (Vital Therapies, Novelbeam Technology, EDDA Technology, and others);
energy (Luxul, GridNT);
intelligent equipment (Senodia, Nanos IC);
household appliances (Splashtop, PPTV);
blockchain projects (QuarkChain, Carry Protocol, Vechain and others).
This fund also invested in Telegram, and judging by the rapid popularity of this project; the investment was successful. Draper Dragon is looking for companies with innovative technology and market appeal in Silicon Valley and China. In most cases, they invest in projects in the early stages, as they have extensive experience in this industry. The fund also draws attention to the team that is behind the project, believing that such people should be ambitious, courageous, and believe in what they are doing.


They look for companies with innovative technologies and business models with market appeal in Silicon Valley and in China. With their unique depth of experience and knowledge, their team can add value and resources in a broad manner. They are headquartered in Silicon Valley and have management and consulting offices in Shanghai, China.

As a member of the Draper Venture Network, they draw upon the substantial resources and capabilities developed over two decades of venture capital investing.