David Uhryniak

David Uhryniak is the Blockchain Strategy Director at TRON


A seasonal blockchain specialist, David Uhryniak is the Blockchain Strategy Director at TRON, a leading blockchain platform dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the Internet via decentralized applications (DApps). 


David joined TRON in January 2022 right after the platform completed full decentralization in Dec 2021 and has become a purely community-governed DAO. In that regard, David will be a visible part of the team driving that effort and will identify key opportunities within the broad blockchain ecosystem, and ensure TRON is positioned to act on the opportunities.

David has been actively involved in blockchain since 2015 and has provided strategic guidance for global payment companies and insurance companies, among others. He has led the successful development of multiple use cases in financial services, healthcare, and the supply chain. He continually finds unique and creative ways to apply emerging technologies to enable corporations to achieve their strategic goals.

“Following early work in equity research and analysis, I have since focused on emerging blockchain markets as a management consultant and senior practice leader. My ability to leverage emerging technologies to create customer-focused solutions is proven, and I am always seeking out new means of minimizing risks and capitalizing on emerging opportunities,” Dave said about focusing on blockchain and emerging technologies.

Dave began his career as an equity research analyst at a leading U.S. mutual fund company, where he conducted a thorough bottom-up analysis of global and regional financial services companies. Dave has often been quoted in leading media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications.


About the Future of Tron

“Tron actually in the stablecoin space, Tron actually has a market share of approximately 25% of the entire stablecoin market, and is transacted on the Tron blockchain. And I think that’s really an area where we do have a significant presence and we will continue to see that grow as stablecoins become more prominent. You’re going to see that evolve, that is going to be really one of the things, one of the foundations if you think about it in terms of pillars. That’s really one of the pillars of Tron. Additionally, when you think about the future of Tron and the future of everything going on in this space, it really connects to NFTs, just really supports the gaming space, which really plays into the Metaverse.”

“From a gaming perspective we have a couple of cool games already, one that I think is really cool is WinNFTHorse, which is a horse racing game where you create the NFTs, you create your own horses, out of, turn it into an NFT, and then participate in races, as your horse wins it increases in value, just like any horse racing would be, in real life, it’s been very well received, I think there’s been over, it’s only been launched recently, we have over 22 thousands horses that’s been created overall, the initial game offering sold out within one second, you know, over ten million page views, and I think this year, as we become more known in the US, I think it’s really possible you see some really, well-broadcasted or notable events coming up in that horse racing game, especially as we move into the real horse race season here in the US, it’s possible you’ll see some really interesting events coming up on Tron.”