DAO Maker

DAO Maker is a growth technologies provider of SaaS solutions for startups.


DAO Maker is a growth technologies provider that creates SaaS solutions for nascent and growing crypto startups.


DAO Maker is the brainchild of co-founders Christoph Zaknun, the platform’s CEO and an early mover in the initial coin offering (ICO) space, and Giorgio Marciano (CTO), a heavily experienced entrepreneur and IT engineer with over 13 years of experience in software development. The two co-founders are joined by other C-level staff, notably, Hassan Sheikh (CMO), a former lecturer in Mathematics and experienced business strategist.

Some of the most prominent projects launched via DAO Maker include My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), Orion Protocol (ORN), Seascape Network (CWS) and Infinity Pad (IPAD). A full list of projects and their performance is listed on the DAO Maker website. 


In the words of the CEO of DAO Maker, Christoph Zaknun:DAO Maker built SaaS in 2018 to turn any token into a governance model. We were the earliest creators of a governance plug-in that was used by a lot of big companies, like Avalanche, Harmony, etc., and was considered very successful, and was way before its time.” 


DAO Maker believes in the relevance of decentralised systems. As Zaknun said in a recent interview with Dinis Guarda: “Any technology is the mirror of human psychology. A decentralised system can only work as a tool in which humans can self-regulate. Let’s take religion as an example. It is a very decentralised system, and it’s created with the idea to make humans more mannered so that we are a more prosperous society, that’s generally speaking the objective of every religion. Mass scale decentralised public figures to act in a manner that is more prosperous to the society it appears for.”


Its flagship product is the DAO Pad, a multi-investment platform that allows DAO token holders to participate in early-stage token sales for stringently vetted upcoming projects.

Besides its popular DAO Pad product, DAO Maker also provides a range of additional services to nascent blockchain-based projects. These include incubation services, operations and advisory services, and another of its flagship products — social mining. Projects can use social mining to reward value-adding community members with their native token — helping to raise awareness, incentivize participation, increase liquidity and grow the number of holders. 

The platform is powered by its native utility token, known as DAO. The token is used to participate in token sales on the DAO Pad platform, and can also be staked to earn a yield via one of DAO Maker’s vaults. The token will also be used for community governance in the near future. 


The company leaders include:

Christoph Zaknun, CEO and Co-founder

Giorgio Marciano, CTO and Co-founder

Recognition and Awards

  • The #1 launchpad in this industry by ecosystem market cap, volume, KYC’d users, and average current ROI.
  • Extensive early-stage collaboration with L1s such as Avalanche, Elrond, Harmony, NEM & others.


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