Daniel Doll-Steinberg

Daniel Doll-Steinberg is the co-founder of EdenBase and government advisor


Daniel Doll-Steinberg is a serial entrepreneur and technologist, government advisor and co-founder of the Atari Token project. He is now the co-founder of EdenBase, which offers global shared spaces for innovative companies. Through these spaces, companies have the opportunity to collaborate with experts and technology providers on market adoption of disruptive technologies.

Daniel had a successful career in investment banking in London and New York. Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, founder of several companies in the entertainment, marketing and health spaces. He also advised the UK Government and European Commission on Innovation and education policy. He is a regular speaker on innovation and the Future of Work. Daniel is a cofounder of the Atari Token project with Atari, an Ethereum founder and several gaming legends and is now launching


Daniel started his career in global derivatives technology in London and New York. Following that he founded / co-founded several companies delivering disruptive technology platforms in the entertainment and marketing spaces. Since 2016 Daniel has focussed on the Blockchain, specifically bringing real-world companies to the Blockchain.

He also founded, with a group of gaming veterans and an Ethereum founder, a computer gaming blockchain project that has the potential to deliver the future of work. This project, called the Atari Token, is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created to become the token of reference for the interactive entertainment industry. The idea behind it, as Daniel says, is to have the Atari Token used as widely as possible across the interactive entertainment industry, allowing developers and publishers new options for the exploitation of their products, integration of smart contracts, protection of in-game assets and so much more.

For several years Daniel advised both the UK Government and the European Commission on innovation, growth, and education policy. This included being the two-term UK appointed member of the European Commission Enterprise Policy Group (Business Chamber) and a member of the UK Government’s EU Advisory Group for the Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills.

In January 2020, Daniel Doll-Steinber and Eric van der Kleij founded EdenBase, which invests knowledge, capital and technology, to enable the next Game Changing tech-companies to achieve responsible growth and positive impact.

Daniel and Eric define EdenBase as follows: “We created London’s famous Level39 in Canary Wharf, the TechCity/TechNation initiative establishing the UK as a European “Silicon Valley,” Swiss Kickstart accelerator Fintech vertical with Digital Switzerland. We led tech transformation for companies such as Misys, Banque Paribas & Credit Lyonnais and pioneered groundbreaking, multi award winning DRM technology globally for companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Eidos, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, EMI, Tesco and Carrefour and created the original Atari Token future of work project

Our ecosystems and their programmes have provided the frameworks for supergrowth of companies like Bankable, carwow, Darktrace, Deliveroo, Digital Shadows, eToro, Farfetch, Funding Circle, Just Eat, Just Giving, Lendinvest, Monzo, Onfido, Revolut, Ripple, Shazam, Skyscanner, Transferwise, Zoopla and many others.”

He currently attends the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain. Daniel has a BEng from the University of Manchester and has lectured a course on supply chain innovation at University College London, where he was an Honorary Senior Research Associate.


On Blockchain And Gaming: The Atari Token Project

I bumped into a very old friend of mine, called Ron. Ron has been in gaming since 1990. He was one of the first people in the US to create the casual gaming industry. He was friendly with all the people from Epic, from DeepMind, they were all gamers together. And we happened to go for lunch, and he said: what’s the coolest thing you’re working on? I said we were working on blockchain, we were working on all of these technologies for gaming. And he phoned me 2 weeks later and he said, this is going to revolutionize gaming. What you are doing. You’ve got it slightly wrong, but it will. So he came on board as the second cofounder of the Atari token, with all of his gaming friends. And what they were doing, they were using the technology and the ideas we were creating and using it to embed it into the industry they knew really well.

On EdenBase

This comes out of everything that I’ve been thinking about for a long time and it’s to do with the way I see the world. And I have to declare, how I see the world, you asked me in the beginning. What am I like? And how have I got here? And clearly everything that I do is based on, I’ve had experience working for the commission and the government where I had to try and dissociate myself from who I am and what I am, but I am who I am. The concept of EdenBase is to take the future that we think is positive for people and to ensure that we deploy into the solutions and the teams that we work with, these solutions in a way that meets those targets and meets those goals. I look at ESG as not a company that comes to us and says “hey hey hey”, I’m an ESG company because I’m gonna do great things, you know. We looked at Facebook in 2004 and thought by 2010 the whole world would be a democracy. And actually we woke up in 2021, and thought: “Did we really want to have Facebook in the world anymore?”.