Creative Ventures

Venture capital firm specializing in seed stage and early stage investments


Creative Ventures is a macroeconomic, early stage venture capital fund that specialises in investing into startups that address the impact of ageing global populations, increasing labor shortages, and climate change driven resources crises. Their areas of interest currently include: advanced manufacturing, transportation, construction, synthetic biology, computation beyond Moore’s law, cybersecurity, aging population, and climate change / energy.

It is a US-based venture capital firm investing in startups using deep technology that address global secular trends in traditional sectors.

In September 2017, the venture capital announced the launch of its second fund – a US$50 million fund that will focus on deep tech companies involved in sectors like healthcare, industrial, and agricultural tech in Southeast Asia.

Key people includes Mr. Poonyatorn Suthipongchai (General Partner), Mr. James Wang (General Partner), Mr. Alastair Trueger (General Partner), Mr. Ted Thirapatana (Partner) and Mr. Alex Luce (Principal).


Creative Ventures chooses carefully those companies that are focused on social wellbeing through technological solutions. It promotes ethical values, sustainability, environment-friendly initiatives across four major sectors: Industrial Technology, Healthcare, Agrifood Technology and Energy Technology.

Their approach goes as it follows:

  • Investment Criteria. They look for early-stage companies combination of technical expertise combined with deep market or industry insight.
  • Curated network. We’re a multidisciplinary team of investors and advisors who’ve started robotics companies and hospital chains, have run manufacturing businesses and managed global supply chains- we’ll get you the advice you need.
  • Global Opportunities. We’ll drive partnerships, find you customers, and introduce you to collaborators.


The fund’s main portfolio company founders are tackling industry challenges arising from global secular trends: labor productivity, climate change, and changing demographics using cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Robotics, Synthetic Biology, Quantum Computing, and Advanced Sensing. The companies they invest into include:

  • Agridata. AI for yield prediction
  • Alice Technology. AI for construction scheduling
  • Bleximo. Quantum computing for drug discovery
  • Dishcraft. Commercial kitchen robotics
  • Exo Imaging. Portable ultrasound with AI
  • Lioness. Women personal health monitoring
  • Sense Photonics. Advanced and affordable LiDAR
  • Visolis. Carbon negative materials
  • Sepion Technologies. Advanced membrane for batteries
  • Vericool Packaging. Advanced and disposable cold-chain packaging
  • Veerum. Digital twin for capital intensive projects
  • Caper. AI enabler for shopping cart
  • Path Robotics. Autonomous enabler for construction vehicles