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Cityzenith is an American based tech company that helps city governments and businesses make sense of their data — big and small through cutting edge technology such as Digital Twins and Big Data. The current Chairman & CEO is Michael Jansen.


Founded in 2009, Cityzenith is an American based tech company that helps city governments and businesses make sense of their data — big and small through cutting edge technology such as Digital Twins and Big Data. Their main mission is to assure the success of the world’s building industry professionals – forward-thinking architects, engineers, property managers, facilities managers, and building owners – by helping them leverage data like never before possible across every phase of the building lifecycle, from design through demolition.

The company’s main solution is SmartWorldPro, a digital twin technology platform that is designed to allow clients to scale from a single building to a portfolio of hundreds and even thousands of buildings. Cityzenith also provides an array of professional services that supports the delivery of a full solution, including but not limited to, 3D/4D BAM (baselines asset modeling) services, API integration, customer feature development and custom UI development.


SmartWorldPro2 Digital Twin Platform

Cityzenith has recently released SmartWorldPro Version 2 Digital Twin technology, which aggregates, integrates, analyzes, and visualizes all project and property information on a single 3D platform.

SmartWorldPro currently supports more than two dozen major architectural design, building/infrastructure management, and smart city initiatives throughout the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Projects cover the full range from master plan developments to urban core regeneration projects, smart buildings, high-speed rail infrastructure, retail, corporate, healthcare, education, smart grid deployments, and even entire greenfield smart cities.

SmartWorldPro, winner of the 2016 Realcomm Digie Award for Best Tech Innovation in Commercial/ Corporate Real Estate, from inception, was designed from the ground up for building professionals looking to avail of the power of Digital Twin technology for their projects and properties.

Different from traditional BIM software or 3D visualization tools, Digital Twins are 3D virtual representations of building assets connected to all the data in and around them, empowering users to make informed decisions from design and planning through operations and sales.

The Cityzenith SmartWorldPro Digital Twin platform’s approach combines best-in-class game design technology with an innovative robust backend data management architecture in a one-of-a-kind solution unlike any other in the market today. Powerful user features make it easy to conduct natural-language project data searches, run on-the-fly AI or machine-learning ROI analyses, and visualize key results for a broad range of customers.


Cityzenith’s SmartWorldPro Digital Twin platform is gaining traction worldwide, and is now in use in the U.S., the U.K., Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific.

Current projects include major construction and infrastructure projects, smart cities, smart buildings, real-estate developments, hospitality, and building and property management projects.

· United States, Chicago – Property Portfolio Management

· United Kingdom, Oxford to Cambridge – High Speed Rail Infrastructure

· Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – District Regeneration

· United States, San Francisco – Industrial

· United Kingdom, Aberdeen – Building Systems Management

· Kuwait, Kuwait City – Greenfield Smart City

· United States, Rhode Island – Quantum Computing Center

· United States, Orlando, SED – Smart District

· India – Greenfield Smart City


Cityzenith is a tribe of digitally native experts from all over the world, hand-picked from the AEC, real estate and gaming industries which is rapidly gaining a reputation as the “the ones to watch” in the building industry.

They have worked hard in humble service of their clients and their projects to earn the leadership position that they enjoy today, a lead that is accelerating all the while. Cityzenith is driven by complementary twin values; to be the very best at what we do and to give our customers the finest tools to be the very best at what they do too.