CHAI Kreative & Advisory

CHAI Kreative & Advisory is a consultancy that caters to foreign companies entering India


CHAI Kreative & Advisory is a consultancy that caters to foreign companies entering India and companies based in India looking for business in government projects and the public sector. With their contacts, decades of experience and knowledge, they support companies to get a better starting position and keep helping them grow. The company was founded by entrepreneur and consultant Kewal Kapoor.


The company was founded by Kewal Kapoor in 2017. Since then, CHAI Kreative has delivered more than 500 projects, and have helped build more than 130 brands.

Services and solutions

Brand Audit

CHAI Kreative & Advisory’s customizable brand audit and reporting program are designed to identify the distinctive needs of your clients, thus helping ensure the integrity and proper development of brand marketing and communication across all relevant touchpoints and channels.

Their independent and objective brand audit program tests brand consistency and coherency, detects areas for improvement, minimizes exposure to brand deviations and identifies threats to brand image and market drivers such as customer service, sales materials, POP signage and speed/quality of service.

Benefits: High brand standards must be created and maintained; leaving them unchecked is a very risky business decision. Brand auditing is necessary for mitigating risk and maintaining a consistent image. It is an exercise that should be performed annually.

CHAI Kreative audit program helps identify areas that need attention by implementing targeted brand image and expectation checkpoints in all aspects of the end-user experience.

Creative Advisory

CHAI Kreative advisory services are designed to help our clients with one thing, their strategy. Whether it is product strategy, service strategy, market strategy, messaging and positioning strategy, or vision casting, they embed themselves in the process and engage with decision-makers to help them gain the most effective competitive edge, see the market trends in the big picture, and think strategically about their direction and product or service portfolio. It is their core concept to think, focus, study and take surgical action in delivering long term results in terms of financial results, business reach and elevating your intrinsic value.

Through their market research capabilities, contacts and extensive experience, CHAI Kreative will identify the detailed needs of customer segments and work with clients to avoid wasting time and resources on products without perspective.

Correctly identifying current and future customer needs and understanding the competitive dynamics of the ever-changing market will result in Creative Strategies that deliver results.

Technical Advisory

This service is tailored for companies looking to penetrate the Indian market and companies that are looking to do business with the government and within the public sector.

CHAI Kreative partners with Indian government institutions with the aim of establishing sustainable partnerships with companies and business models that aim to generate value for the industry as a whole. Their extensive relationships and experience with the Indian market and Government enable them to provide tangible value to businesses and expedite their success in the market.

The team of experts in the Technical Advisory division specialize in organizational modelling, financial assessment, academic and physical planning, and technology services.

Mission and Vision

According to their website, CHAI Kreative believe in: 

thinking things through, avoiding unnecessary noise and basing our relationships on values that really matter and results you can see and experience. Balance between productive thought and precise action is key. We call ourselves CHAI exactly because we achieve more over a cup of chai than most do over dozens of e-mails. This is why we kindly invite you over to pause for a minute, have a cup of chai with us, focus and with the help and guidance of our team of experts, create a comprehensive and dynamic game plan that will take your business to the next level.”

They help businesses grow by helping people grow.

What is more, the company’s goal is to aid Indian government institutions in creating more sustainable, streamlined and innovative solutions by connecting them with businesses with relevant skill sets, expertise and effective solutions.

They believe that bridging private companies with government institutions efficiently is key to a more sustainable business environment.


Founder, Kewal Kapoor

Kewal Kapoor served as the Executive Producer with UTV, wherein he researched, scripted, conceptualized and created the first ever series on Tax Laws in India. He was also the force behind the first Human Rights show on Indian television. He went on to work on a story on the Kargil martyrs. As a journalist, he contributed several write ups in prominent Hindi dailies. As a Producer/Director, he researched, conceptualized and created ground breaking TV documentary shows and series, that bestowed him with acclaim and accolades.

Kapoor has been a consulting partner with some of the top advertising agencies in India. Since 2012, his focus has shifted towards work that creates genuine value in people’s lives. He has since, dedicated himself to looking for, and often creating, opportunities and projects that focus on social communication and that redefine spaces of how subaltern issues can be dealt with, while making unique use of the advertising and digital ecosystem.