Central European University Business School – Budapest, Hungary

A global atmosphere of academic excellence, critical reflection, and social interaction.


Central European University Business School (CEU) is a graduate business school that promotes the distinct Central European business perspective of global emerging markets.  Located in Budapest, the business school offers a global atmosphere of academic excellence, critical reflection, and social interaction. CEU was the first educational institution in the Central-Eastern Europe region to offer graduate business programs in an American MBA.  The mission of the business school is to have a global focus on emerging markets and teach participants how to utilize this unique perspective on impacting the future. Through academic excellence, CEU strives to educate talented young scholars with exceptional, diverse faculty.

The student to teach ratio is 7:1 and CEU has more than 130 permanent and 170 visiting professors, each with their own unique teaching style.  CEU also stresses academic excellence and public policy in it’s research and education curriculum.  Some issues focused on are climate change, democratic governance, international security and history and philosophy.  All of CEU’s degree programs are accredited to the US. The business school also places a strong emphasis on international culture.  Over 1,500 students come from more than 100 countries.  Classes are taught in English but students also have opportunities to learn in other European languages, such as Hungarian.  The program offers a unique combination of American, European, and regional intellectual and academic traditions of culture, quality, and social relevance on research and education.


The Full-time MBA Program helps students develop entrepreneurial skills and perspectives, create value in emerging economies, cultivate the professional values of integrity, ethics and transparency, and harness the power of experimentation and creativity.  Below is a curriculum overview of the one-year program provided by CEU’s website.

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  The Part-time Executive MBA Program is requires 48 credits completed with alternating weekend classes for no career interruption.  The program is tailored for managers and entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the new global business economy.  Emerging areas such as sustainability in business, technology and intellectual property are addressed. The program gives executives the chance to accelerate their career with an American MBA and take professional strides in developing managerial, entrepreneurial and innovation skills that can be applied in any business situation.  21.5 of the credits are core courses required for the MBA program; the remaining 26.5 are courses focusing on emerging topics and key electives. Some of the featured courses of the Executive MBA program are:

  • Developing a New Venture with CEU Innovations Lab
  • Business in a Global City:  New York
  • Boardroom Executive Exercise

The Executive Education Programs are defined by the pervasiveness of innovation and the opportunity to pursue newly emerging markets in the global economy.  The program is designed around the idea of the distributed global enterprise and how its organized and ran in today’s global business environment.  Few business school have based their curriculum on this concept. Open-enrollment courses are available for the public and customized programs for firms and partners.  The classes consist of short courses and trainings, modular talent management programs, masterclasses and conferences.

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