Carolina Conforti

Carolina Conforti is an art historian, collector, and writer.


Carolina Conforti is the co-founder of The Art Talks brand, designed to highlight the wonderful enthusiasm and creativity around the art world.


Carolina was born in Napoli, one of the most romantic cities of the Italian “Magna Graecia” heritage. Her childhood memories are embedded by the dazzling baroque explosive colors of the Mediterranean Sea, whilst her mind is filtered by the sleepy yet eruptive monumental cities of Paestum and Pompei. Her life was a roller coaster of wonderful Art wanderings in the most charming European cities, which fed her restless passion for Art whilst touching multiple Art facades.

Her first academic steps were taken throughout the breathtaking walls of the Louvres, where she fell in love with “Dessin Ancien”. Her Art career led her to the World’s most challenging auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Lately, she has been going through her own “Renaissance rebirth” fascinated by the more digital conversion Art is embracing. It is Carolina’s belief that in this surreal moment, what our culture and Arts are facing is best illustrated by Giuseppe Tomasi’s words in “Il Gattopardo”, “for things to remain the same, everything has to change”.


During her recent interview with Dinis Guarda, Carolina shared her vision regarding the key drivers for a thriving digital art economy:

“We are living, I think, in a free digital world. And we need to embrace these two worlds together. It’s very difficult, as you said, because if you are an emergent artist or you’re tech-savvy, it’s going to be very easy to be on a platform and to upload, or put up paintings and to be into the market to promote yourself. But what about those people that have a bit of a different tradition? So, it’s very difficult. We also have artists in Africa that they don’t have the same digital abilities that we have here. So, it’s incredibly difficult for them to even have internet. So, what happens then?”


  • Multilingual professional with proven experience in marketing, public and client relations, and event management, specialising in the visual arts industry.
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