Blocksport AG

A Swiss-based technology provider for the Sports industry.


Blocksport is a Sports technology company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Blockport is building the largest Sports NFTs aggregation platform in the world. Collectables, merchandise, and other NFTs of sports clubs can be collected by their fans using the NFTs platforms. Also, Blocksport offers an App-as-a-Service platform and launching services for sports clubs, leagues, federations, sports celebrities, and other clients to engage their fans. The platform also collaborates with sports clubs to launch fan tokens for their supporters with the holders having the right to participate in governance. There is also a mobile-based NFTs marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs.


In 2019, Semih had tickets for a football match in Germany, Bayern München vs Gladbach. To get more information on the match, stadium, and merchandise offers, he has downloaded the app from the app store. After 3 min, Semih deleted the app again with a big disappointment. The solution was far behind his expectations.

While practising karate during his school days, Vladimir has always been a huge fan of FC Dynamo Kyiv from his hometown and the Ukrainian National Football team. But he noticed what fans are missing out on due to the still low penetration of technologies in the sports market.

And the two co-founders embarked on the journey to birth Blocksport. An innovative sports app solution that delivers state-of-the-art functionality that connects the completed ecosystem, focuses on gamification and revenue generation and is backed by scalable enterprise blockchain technology.

There was a clear market demand for disruptive but affordable technology in the sports industry. Despite the crypto winter, it was clear to the two co-founders that they need to execute the Blocksport project as soon as possible.

Today, Blocksport has a portfolio of over 30+ clients — Tier 1 & 2 sports teams across multiple sports and around the globe. Push notifications, Merchandise Store, Live streaming, NFTs, fan messenger, and missions are just a few of the features that the app delivers.

Since the NFT market became more and more popular over the past 12 months, client demand for NFTs has increased and clients and prospects have asked them for an NFT platform where they can find all sports-related NFTs.


According to the company’s website, its mission is: By being the home of sport NFTs online NFT aggregation platform, Blocksport aims to bring innovative solutions to the table for enhancing onboarding and engaging opportunities between sporting entities and fans.”


With unique features, the Blocksport platform supports gamification and loyalty rewards programs for fans thereby increasing their engagement with the clubs.


The company offers live data, social wall, and news feed as exclusive content for its users. For its sports clubs, Blocksport offers messenger facilities, predictions, live Q&A, and in-app posts. It also offers tokens, digital wallets, collectables, and voting rights for the fans. For the sponsors of the sports clubs and federations, the platform offers merch sales, marketplace, and skins. It also creates a bridge between the three categories of its users by providing exclusive media content that engages and integrates them together. 

The two basic products offered by Blocksport are:

BSPT Token: BSPT is a utility token issued by Blocksport based on the NFT platform, which is the basis for transactions and interaction; it can be used to purchase NFT assets, fan tokens, and participate in the functions and services of the platform.

NFTs: It is the world’s largest sports NFT aggregation platform to create, issue, and distribute any non-fungible tokens for Sports Collectors. Blockport allows sports entities to monetise their fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering. It also offers play-to-earn with integrated BSPT, NFTs and Fan Tokens into DeFi games.

The NFT platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with core functions such as sports NFT asset issuance/auction/bidding, fan token issuance/auction, and NFT mining.

Key Team

Key executives of the team include:

Vladimir Liulka – Co-Founder & CEO

Samir Ceric – COO

Alex Honcharuk – CTO

Ihor Honcharov – Head of Marketing

Bohdan Yurchuk – Tech Lead

Andrii Havryliuk – Product Manager

Constantine Protsenko – Product Manager

Dimitrios Syrmis – Customer Success Manager

Edoardo Ciampelletri – Country Manager, Iberia

Andrea Donega – Country Manager, Italy

Vitalie Ciorici – Country Manager, CEE

Semih Kaçan – Co-Founder & Chairman

Recognition and awards

Blocksport has successfully been able to leverage sporting clubs and federations with its unique products and services. Some of the examples include EFBET Liga, Bulgarian Football Union, Kaizer Chiefs FC, Vis Pesaro FC, VK Partizan, BC Partizan, FC Chernomorets, Cordoba Futsal, FC Chiasso, Empoli FC, Salford Red Devils, FTITUS Soccer, Molfetta Calcio, CF Talavera, ARIS BC, Belgain Cycling, FC Dynamo Kyiv, FC Metalist 1925, Volero Le Cannet, ProTouch Cycling, Red Stars Rugby Club, BIG Clan, Team Singularity, Penta Sports, Lese Esports, Sinners Esports, ReXpect, Sissi State Punks, Volero Le Cannet.