Better Ventures

Venture capital firm founded in 2010


Better Ventures is a venture capital firm founded in 2010 that backs entrepreneurs building a better world. They invest in early-stage technology companies approaching problems which are difficult to solve in sectors such as education, work, commerce.

Mission and investments

Better Ventures supports innovators in science and technology who are intending to help build a more sustainable economy. They invest in software, data science, and life sciences companies that will both be profitable and measurable progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

They invest early; usually $500k in a pre-seed stage. They support their portfolio companies as much as they can, helping them leverage their mission as a competitive advantage, deliver key milestones, and bring in high-quality follow-up investors.

The companies that they invest in usually have something to do with these three themes:

Sustainable Economy (future of food, sustainable & closed-loop production, mobility);

Data-Driven Health (personalised medicine, value-based care, behavioural health);

Adaptive Workforce (future of work, personalised learning, upskilling)

Recently, they closed a $21 million fund to back the next Tesla or Patagonia. As one of the founders of Better Ventures said: “Our investment angle is that entrepreneurs are just more intrinsically motivated when they’re personally connected to a problem they are solving. When they are mission-driven, they can also attract and retain top talent, people who are looking for a higher purpose in their work, which we are seeing play out in our portfolio”.