Axel Angeli

Axel Angeli is Management Strategy Advisor and Digital Future Evangelist


Axel Angeli is Management Strategy Advisor and Evangelist for Distributed Architecture (SOA, Cloud, EAI etc.) and Ultra Large Systems. He runs his own management consultancy, Logosworld, that specializes on SAP Project Rescue and is settled in Bruehl, Germany, next to SAP headquarters. With experience stretching back to 1984, Axel shares his knowledge as author, conference speaker and analyst to help companies find the best-of-breed strategy for their computing farms.

Axel is the author of the SAP R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces, a best-selling cookbook for developing IDoc and workflow applications in R/3.


German born, Axel Angeli is an enterprise board level mentor and International conference speaker for Evolution by Design and Artificial Intelligence. He engages in research and education on Industries 4.0 design paradigm in emerging countries with the aim to build holistic Zero Waste ecosystems for Smart Living, Wildlife and Agriculture 4.0.

Axel Angeli is known as an SAP guru but beyond this he is a protagonist for Ultra-Large Distributed Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence since 1984 when he founded with school-time friends his own management advisory Logosworld. Logosworld specializes in rescuing large International SAP and software transformation projects, and Axel, with his writing, speaking, and consulting, helps enterprises to get the best return out of their investment.

Axel Angeli helps governments and companies in emerging countries with his international network to find ways to play in the top business leagues; on the reverse he teaches European entrepreneurs how to determine opportunities in India, China, Asia, Middle-East, and Africa.

Selected Memberships with International organization

· Europe Brand Ambassador for Indiasoft by ESC Electronic and Software Export Promotion Council

· Technical Advisor for Industries 4.0 of EU Africa-Pacific-Caribbean Private Sector Development

About 50 Experts Consulting Group

Axel Angeli is a member of the 50 Experts Consulting Group. This is an association of seasoned experts for Digital future and complex and global project management. They bring in life-time competence in managing and rescuing countless complex projects. Rather than a traditional consulting firm, the 50 Experts are a modern virtual enterprise with presence all over the world.


Axel Angeli is a true practitioner and following the “Education First” paradigm he does not stop with theory but teaches practical approaches for the rising technology trends and standards that include Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud integration, Cyber Security and Blockchain family, Big Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

Axel Angeli travelled most continents with his distinguished crew to evangelize the essence of the 4.0 economy to enterprise and government decision makers and assist as mentors for global transition projects to make clever investments for building great future strategies.

Axel Angeli is an advocate of Digital Transformation. He predicted that digital transformation would disrupt the rules for global business and open up unprecedented opportunities for emerging countries to become a future leader in a future technology sector as it already proves to be reality today in India and China.