Alan Donegan

Alan Donegan is an ed thought leader and founder of PopUp Business School.


Alan Donegan is an entrepreneur and education thought leader and founder of PopUp Business School.


Alan Donegan founded PopUp in 2012 with Simon Paine after they thought there must be a better way to start a business, without debt and without formal business plans. Alan decided he wanted to start PopUp to make sure that no one else went through the pain he went through starting up his business. 

As Alan Donegan has repeatedly said: “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing other people flourish”. Alan’s past experience in business has given him the drive to enable anyone no matter their circumstances to live the life they want in personal and financial freedom.

Alan is a regular speaker for the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” (FIRE) movement, which has given him the freedom to enact lifelong ambitions of writing movie scripts and travelling the world with his wife Katie as part of nomadic lifestyle.

Alan has recently launched his own personal blog, where he speaks around the world about Financial Independence, grass roots entrepreneurship, the negative effect of start-up loans, etc. and now speaks around the world teaching the PopUp and FIRE methodologies and combines the two with “The Rebel Entrepreneur” Podcast which launches Season 2 in February 2021. 

Alan also runs Financial Independent retreats around the world called Chautauquas.


Alan’s main mission in life is to help people build their own businesses and make money doing what they love. He does this at PopUp Business School by raising the money to pay for his workshops and then giving them all away for free.   No-one has ever paid to go on a PopUp Business School course. 







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