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AgUnity is a fintech innovation company that connects a variety of organisations, especially working in developing countries, by building a platform that caters to their long-term basic problems. It is a reliable solution to the elementary issues including- the lack of a platform that creates a digital identity for more than two million last-mile farmers globally, their inability to establish their creditworthiness, poor or lack of connectivity which results in absolute ignorance of any digital exposition, and inaccessibility to vital goods and services.

AgUnitys’ global technology platform empowers thousands of organisations working toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals to connect with ‘the last mile' farmers and communities. This customised smartphone & OS solution serves as a technological ecosystem; providing the people living and working with remote food supply chains with practical, accessible tools to connect, establish effective lines of communication and ensure an ethical, accountable means of trade. 

AgUnity is combating poverty through functionality that is specifically relevant to remote people, an integrated User Experience that is intuitive and easy for them to use, and offering apps and services that have immediate relevance to their lives. AgUnity provides what matters: access and inclusion through digital identity, secured blockchain-based transaction records, financial security, and reliable solutions to remote area connectivity.


The foundations of AgUnity were laid down by David Davies and his co-founder when they met at a hackathon at a tech conference in London in 2016. They presented “the biggest world-changing idea” by conceptualising a low-cost smartphone that would ensure the digital inclusion of remote and rural communities worldwide. While the blockchain concept was still in its nascent stages back then, they envisioned it to be the basis for their secured transaction record system. 

Now after seven years, they are an award-winning technology provider that has integrated digitisation with farming, streamlining the supply chains for remote communities globally.


AgUnity is with a mission of establishing a base for farmers that can handle the online transactions and orders happening around, especially during unusual circumstances, like COVID-19 lockdowns. This is to make sure that the farmers are least affected by the frameshift in consumers’ choices and behavior. Further, the company strives to avoid any disruption in the food supply chain, and provide convenient access to healthy and fresh food, and other products from within the comforts of customers’ homes.


AgUnity envisions making a global influence on the issues that drive poverty, or are driven by it, in the most remote communities across the world (the ‘last mile’ communities). It aims to provide access to mobile money, credit-worthiness, insurance, and digital inclusion, fostering broad economic growth, and creating an ecosystem of sustainable community growth and development.

Key Team

Angus Keck (COO)

David Davies (CEO)

Stefan Barrett (CTO)

Recognition and Awards
Some of the key achivements of AgUnity include: Startup Avalanche Winner, won 1st prize of €150,000. Future Agro Challenge, Agripreneur of the Year. Best Pivot Award in Startup & Innovation Awards. Unicorn Battle, Startup Pitch, First Prize. Finnext Conference, Excellence in Finance Companies. Special Innovation Award from World Innovation Economics. Dreamers Award from Blockchain 4 Humanity. BBVA Financial, Sustainability Award. Future Agro Challenge, Istanbul - Winner (2018). Mekong Agritech Challenge - Winner (2018). Global Forum on Innovation in Agriculture, Abu Dhabi - Keynote, and Winner 'Best Innovation by a Startup' (2018). Future Agro Challenge, Australia - Winner (2017). Tech4Farmers Asia Challenge 2.0, 2017 (winner). FinSum, 2016 (winner 2 of 8 awards). Fintech Jam for Good, 2016 (winner).


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