Accubits is an AI and Blockchain focused development and solutions company based in Washington DC with its development offices in India and Dubai.


Accubits have built several applications which serve its intelligent purpose to help clients in their businesses. Several of fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from fashion technology to complex CRMs are being powered by their solutions to streamline and leverage their growth. Their portfolio for AI application includes intelligent conversational tools, CRMs, SIPs, Image & video analytics system, state of the art ALPR systems used by enterprises & startups across North America, Canada, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India & Sweden.


They build enterprise grade reliable AI with our proprietary hybrid AI platform and Blockchain technologies. At Accubits, they believe they are striding into the next phase of evolution where technology negates the miseries of human and humans work on to sustain humanity. Constantly, they focus on innovations to empower humanity and to bring the brighter future nearer to us. Their purpose is to help individuals and decision makers to build great brands and organizations backed by powerful and robust technology. They believe in Artificial Intelligence and every day they innovate to make it better than yesterday.

They help organizations all along its lifecycle. No matter if an organization requires a basic mobile application or a sophisticated artificially intelligent solution to leverage their business, they heartily extend their hand to guide in their journey to adapt with future. Over the past 4 years, they have worked on more than 550 projects, for over 200 clients from 8 different countries.