Why celebrities are so obsessed With Cryptocurrencies

The fact that some of our celebrities are obsessed with the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies makes it even more intriguing for the common people. The Crypto world has been increasingly gaining the trust of the people and is, therefore, becoming quite popular as an investment option. The market analysts and experts are pointedly predicting an unprecedented rise in its trajectory over the coming years, using apps like the Bitcoin era to get the best insights and trading opportunities. 

Through the latest technological advancements, cryptocurrencies have evolved into something that caters to almost all our needs. The celebrities understood the benefits and created a trend out of it. Here we are presenting some of the top reasons that made cryptocurrencies become a rage with our favorite celebs.

The role of social media

The underlying principle of blockchain technology creates a connection for most of us, who have been facing the shortcomings of our conventional financial system. However, social media platforms became the podiums from where the celebs could communicate this to a wider section of their fan base.

Besides, it establishes a double identity- of being a famous personality and an avid investor in the financial space. When you see someone earning a fortune while making informed choices over social platforms, it is bound to make an everlasting impact.

The thrill for volatility

Most crypto enthusiasts follow the high-risk, high-investment trend. Even though unstable markets are risky, they also reap high dividends. This extreme trend is something that triggers the adrenaline rush and therefore makes it quite exciting amongst the millennials.

You might feel quite bored of the way the stock markets behave, and their velocity. Wild transitions in the trends over a blink of the eye are something that would turn on your adventure-loving personality.

Non-regularized nature of technology

No involvement of government or central regulatory bodies is one of the reasons where celebs can exercise independent control over their wealth. Issuing digital assets and transaction management is done collectively by the blockchain network through smart contracts between the two parties only.

No governmental control occurs over the market dynamics. They are absolutely demand and supply-driven. Further, the non-involvement of any third party in the transaction creates a rapidity of fund transfer, another desired feature of the system.

Pandemic as a chance

COVID-19 outbreak gave a unique chance to the online system of transactions, making digital currencies the most preferred mode of payments across the world. Financial analysts indicate that the global markets witnessed a worldwide surge in demand for digital currencies and gold. This created a huge demand for the inflow of capital through the routes of cryptocurrencies.

In other words, financial insecurity and hysteria due to the pandemic had triggered an increased obsession with cryptocurrencies.

Easier fund management

Though investing is a life-long learning process, digital currencies give you the authority to own your funds and manage them with freedom. In other words, you know when to buy, sell, or exchange your digital currency after having followed the market trends. Also, the introduction of automated apps and software for trading has simplified the process based on chosen parameters. Similarly, conversion between crypto and fiat currencies has also been comprehensible.

Advanced cryptocurrency exchanges, and evolved wallet types also open an entire world of crypto for beginners and seasoned traders with vast avenues of opportunities.

Applicability across varied enterprises

The cryptocurrency markets have spread their roots to almost all businesses around the world. Many enterprises and institutions have started accepting payments in crypto using various platforms. You may choose to pay for a pizza or book a luxurious holiday property using digital currency. In other words, the payments are not just limited to digital assets, even services and commodities can now be paid in cryptocurrencies.

Anonymity and Discretion

While maintaining transparency in payments, the crypto concept is very much valid on the concepts of anonymity. This has been made possible by registering each transaction over the blockchain as an individual block, whose information is available to the public.

Therefore, you would know the details of the transaction, but the persons involved in performing it are kept anonymous. This adds to the layer of discretion held by the participants. Thus, this is the most preferred mode of transaction for crypto lovers.


Going by the current scenario, the obsession is projected to grow its influence across all the verticals around. An increasing number of investors are going to manage their funds through blockchain and virtual means. It has been a blend of several factors that led to the popularization of cryptocurrency in the financial space. Further, the advancement of technology is giving it the necessary push to be accepted as the most preferred and desired mode to manage finances in the coming years.