Starting a business in real estate can be a great investment that is possible to capitalize on various revenue streams. Yet, before purchasing anything you need to be aware of all pitfalls faced when buying, selling, or renting a property. 


Among them are property records that allow you not only to learn more about the ownership but also get insights into the land restrictions, renovations, history of the place, and so on. Unfortunately, not all property can bring you revenue so you need to check everything before signing in any contracts and spending your money on it. 


If you are looking for where you can find free public property records, there are several options to select from. You can decide to check government offices or search the property records online. There are several websites that can assist you in your quest. The possible alternatives for finding free public property records are mentioned below.


Property Tax Records


In each town or municipality, the public property tax information is usually available to the public. Also, a large number of towns and municipalities have made their property tax records available on the internet. In the United States, one can find links to government websites by visiting Using any of the following information like the property’s location, plat number, or even the name of the property’s owner will be useful in the search through property records.


Tax records can also be found on the internet. A computer search may be possible, or one may need to look through a library of books. Inquire with someone in the office about assisting you in locating what you are looking for. Since property tax records are available to the public, staff are willing to assist. 


It is possible that the county website will not allow you to search for a property using the owner's name. The owner's name will usually be listed in the record if you locate the property, allowing you to double-check that you are in fact looking at the correct property. 


However, if you are only aware of the street name and not the street numbers of the property, you may still be able to conduct a search by inputting just that name and then browsing through all of the resulting records until you find the correct owner's name. 


Locating the Deed to the Property through County Offices


The county in which the land is located must be identified. Deeds are recorded in county offices in the United States, so first of all, identifying the county in which the property is located in the first step before you can proceed. If the property is spread across more than one county, determine which county contains the majority of the property. In most cases, you can find deeds by searching for the owner's name. Even if you don't know the owner's name, you can go to the tax assessor's office and use the address to find out who he or she is. 


Pay a visit to the county office that is appropriate for you. The county recorder of Deeds office is where deeds are kept on file. This office is often called by a variety of titles, including Register of Deeds or Commissioner of Deeds, depending on the jurisdiction. In some counties, land records will be kept by the clerk of the court. You can locate the appropriate office by consulting your phone book or by visiting your local county or city office. Inquire as to where you need to go.


Many counties are now making their records available online so find the website by searching for the name of your county followed by the words "Recorder of Deeds."


Property Records Search like Radaris


Find information about public property records. When a property is acquired, it is usually listed on the internet. People and property search tools like Radaris are usually a grapevine for free public property records. You can use the sites to get free records on public property. Tools like Radaris will provide basic property information for free. Plenty of websites collect data about counties and townships and then make it accessible to the general public.


In conclusion, you need not break a bank, or leave the comfort of your home to get answers to certain questions. There are accessible websites that have now made it easier for people to free public property records online. With technological advancements like this, records are now accessible to the general public. Want to know who owns a certain property before you purchase it? Are there any limitations for my business to use the property? Search online at your convenience. You can even go further by making background checks on the owners of certain properties as well so that you won’t get scammed. All information needed is just a click away.