In some cases, timing is everything. Does now appear to be a good time to buy a new car? The end of the year is near. Which time of year is the most favorable for purchasing airline tickets? There are seventy days until your departure. However, when is the best time to purchase auto insurance in cicero?

Regarding car insurance, there is no such thing as a discount. The best time to switch auto insurance providers or purchase a new policy is always now. It's possible, however, to save a little money and avoid fees if you time it right. At least 41 days before their current policy ends, people with proof of prior coverage run a quote for auto insurance. What a brilliant idea! We'll explain why in a moment.

It's time to re-evaluate your current strategy

The best time to get new car insurance depends on the individual. It's time to start shopping for a new insurance policy if you notice any of the following signs: Your insurance policy has a flaw. Both affordability and coverage should be taken into consideration when purchasing automobile insurance. You're about to experience a rapid decline in every facet of your life. Are you relocating or tying the knot soon? Is your teen about to start driving, or are they heading off to college? It's a great time to shop for a new insurance policy because of all these factors. You're ready to buy a new car! Your car insurance premiums will almost certainly change if you buy a new or used vehicle. Checking quotes at this point can help ensure that you're on the right path.

The best time to get a quote depends on your circumstances

Car insurance companies use rating factors to determine your premium. When these factors change, they can significantly impact your rates. The most critical insurance premiums are driving record, age, and credit score.


Birthdays can result in cheap insurance rates because insurers use years of driving experience as a significant rating factor. Insuring a young driver costs $457 more than insuring an older motorist. In general, young drivers (16 to 19 years old) pay the highest auto insurance premiums, but the coverage cost decreases steadily with age. Insurance premiums drop by more than $100 a month when a driver turns 19. As a young driver, or the parent of one, remember these essential birthdays when it comes to insurance.

History of a driver

There isn't a single insurance policy that can cover everyone's needs. Insurance companies can predict future driving outcomes using a driver's previous behavior. It's important to note that "previous driving history" doesn't include your entire driving record. In most states, the statute of limitations for at-fault accidents, tickets, and other citations is between three and five years, based on the state and violation. You file a claim with your current car insurance provider after a collision with a pole in August 2018. Your premiums should no longer be affected by the at-fault accident by August 2021. When it comes to insurance premiums, if you don't renew your policy in August, it's doubtful that the accident "falls off" your record. This is why shopping around for new car insurance policies is essential. After removing a chargeable violation from your insurance record, you should shop around for a new policy because your current insurer will not automatically raise your premium.

A credit rating

When a driver's credit score changes, so do their insurance premium. Most insurance companies use credit history as a risk indicator and pricing tool.  When a driver's credit score rises between insurance periods, it's a great time to shop around for new insurance policies.

Your company may have a preference for when you should buy insurance

Understanding how auto insurance companies price premiums can be helpful, even if it isn't as crucial as rating factors directly related to you. Car insurance companies use end-of-year claim filings to set future rates. Rates will rise if claims exceed premium revenue in the previous year, and you can expect this to occur. Yearly "rate revisions" are the name given to these changes. Insurance premiums tend to go up when a large number of claims have to be paid out in a short period due to natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires. In December, you can set aside some time to shop around for car insurance policies for the upcoming year.


Most car insurance policies are only valid for six months, unlike mobile service agreements, health insurance policies, and rental agreements. After an accident, insurers can quickly adjust your policy, such as by raising your premiums, by using this method. Most companies let you break contracts whenever you want. The best action is to contact your insurance provider directly and ask about any potential termination fees.