Being an online company, and only being online, has its many perks - mainly that you can save money by not having a physical premises, or advertising. And where you are completely right in thinking that, you should also consider whether the costs are worth it. The benefits of combining physical and

virtual assets

far exceeds choosing one over the other. You can also combine the two in a way that would save you money; by using images from the same photo shoot, or publishing the same content on your website and leaflets, and anything else pertinent to your company.

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Physical Advertising

As crazy as it sounds, not everyone delves into the depths of the internet, so there is a fair chance that a lot of people won’t have seen your attempts at online advertising. Plus, with the use of cookies on our browsers, your ads are cutting out a large chunk of the population; just because they aren’t looking for companies like yours right this second, doesn’t mean that they won’t need to in the future. And when that time comes, you will be amongst thousands of other web sites. However, through using physical advertising, you would already be sitting in their memory. You will also be reaching out to a much larger audience then you have by confining yourself to the internet.


You can also start to show your audience who you are - the person behind the business. Use interviews for TV and radio, hire

trade show displays

at conventions, and interact with the public at local events.People love stories, and hate not knowing information - it’s why reality TV shows are so popular. We’re not saying go and become the next Kardashian, but letting your clients, and any potential clients, know you, what you stand for and your mission statement, you’ll be gaining their trust and loyalty.

Physical Premise (Office)

Having an actual

brick-and-mortar office

, you automatically appear more professional. Meeting clients while working from home, or through a video chat with your wardrobe standing behind you, likes a professional edge. It can also be distracting and unconfidential if you keep meeting in coffee shops. An office allows you to create a professional, neutral space that you will be proud to show off.

Physical Premise (Retail)

A lot of ecommerce stores have been opening physical shops over the past few years, for the sole reason that it helps them to market their merchandise better. People who shop online can always be a bit more hesitant to buy, than when they are in a store with the product in front of them. This is because humans have a built-in impulse to have things we want, and when it’s in your hand and the check out is right there… it’s a no-brainer. While online you can add it to your cart and question it for a week or two.