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Top Fintech influencer marketing outreach is a significant area in the digital space that has an impact on all of us including businesses and organisations.
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The Top Fintech Influencers listed by openbusinesscouncil indexdna with Keepface.com ranking focuses on recognising the global voices and influencers in this growing space and qualifying these predominant voices whom are influencing today’s wellness and mental health conversations on instagram.
That’s why we've used advanced data, analytics to look at their performance and dutifully scoured profiles, read their conversions and followed accounts in order to rank our preliminary Top 100 Fintech Influencers .
We gave special precedence to those influencers who can back up their content with professional credentials like being industry leaders.
This list is based on proprietary research, algorithm ranking which include, digital outreach, work done, books / papers published and, personal digital and social media profiles. This list is part of our IP indexdna SCBI - Scientific Cities Business Index - by openbusinesscouncil citiesabc (in the process of being trademarked) which also is collectively managed by an international team of influencers, our partners, researchers and openbusinesscouncil / ztudium group’s and Keepface.com editors.
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This ranking list is an open step towards promoting personalities in this fast growing wellness and mental health influencer industry, with a 360 degrees outreach.
We acknowledge the importance of these ranked people and/ personalities in the industry, their work, achievements and their contribution to the Fintech industry, currently and in the future.

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Book Location
Jack Dorsey
Jack Patrick Dorsey is a inventor, computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square, a mobile fintech payments company.
University of Missouri–Rolla, New York University
Chris Skinner
Author of multiple books and global authority in finance innovation and tech. He has been voted one of the most influential people in banking by The Financial Brand, a FinTech Titan (Next Bank), one of the Fintech Leaders you need to follow (City AM, Deluxe and Jax Finance), as well as one of the Top 40 most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal’s Financial News.
Chair of the European networking forum the Financial Services Club. worked closely with several leading banks such as HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Citibank and Société Générale
London, UK
Jim Marous
Industry leaders, writer, influencer and book author
Cleveland, OH
Spiros Margaris
Industry leaders, writer, influencer and book author
Bradley Leimer
Industry leaders, writer, influencer and book author. Bradley Leimer is the Co-Founder of Unconventional Ventures and Managing Director and also the Head of Fintech Strategy at Explorer Advisory & Capital where he provides consulting and investment advisory services to established and early-stage companies within the financial
San Francisco, CA
David M. Brear
Industry leaders, fintech software creator, writer, influncer and book author
London, UK
Brett King
Industry leaders, fintech software creator, writer, influncer and book author. Expert On Innovation, Financial Services And The Future Of Business.
New York, NY
Susanne Chishti
Industry leaders, writer, influencer and book author. Susanne Chishti is the CEO of FINTECH Circle, Europe’s 1st Angel Network focused on fintech opportunities & Founder of the FINTECH Circle Institute, the leading fintech learning platform offering Innovation Workshops to C-level executives and online courses.
Dinis Guarda
Industry leaders, fintech software creator, writer, influncer and book author
Oxford University, Copenhagen University, INSEEC Business school, Edinburg University. Works with multiple Governments and Financial regulators
Thomas Power
London, England
Paolo Sironi
Industry leaders, writer, influencer and book author. Paolo is one of the most respected voices in the FinTech industry globally, providing business expertise and strategic thinking to a network of executives among
Don Tapscott
Author of multiple books and global authority in finance innovation, industry leader, blockchain global ambassador, and tech
Toronto, Canada, Miami
Chris Gledhill
London, UK
Konstantin Peric
Gates Foundation Financial Division, SWIFT Innotribe, Industry leaders, fintech software creator, writer, influncer and book author
Simon Cocking
Dublin, Ireland
Bill Sullivan
Wyndham, VA
Ronald van Loon
Sebastien Meunier
New York, NY
Simon Taylor
London, UK
Christophe Langlois
Duena Blomstrom
London, UK
Brian Armstrong
San Francisco, CA
Antonio Grasso
David Shrier
David Shrier is a globally recognised authority on financial innovation who works with corporations and governments to generate economic expansion. David created and leads the Oxford Fintech and Oxford Blockchain Strategy programmes
Anne Boden
Anne Boden MBE is a Welsh tech entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Starling Bank, a UK mobile-only bank. In 2018, she received an MBE for services to financial technology and was named in Forbes as one of Europe`s `Top 50 Women working in Tech`
Eileen Burbidge
Eileen Burbidge is a Partner at Passion Capital, the pre-eminent early-stage technology venture fund based in London. In addition to Passion Capital, Eileen is also the Chair of Tech City UK, which is the British government-backed organisation supporting
Tiffany Hayden
Tiffany Hayden is a co-founder of Casheer, Inc. Casheer is a free mobile payment processing platform for merchants and consumers.
Efi Pylarinou
Nick Bilodeau
Toronto, Singapore
Anna Irrera
New York, NY
Devie Mohan
London | Amsterdam
Florian Graillot
Paris, France
Dave Maddox
Claire Cockerton
London, UK
Andreas Staub
JP Nicols
Gemma Godfrey
Gemma Godfrey is a wealth manager and entrepreneur. She founded Moola, an online investment service in the UK, and was hired as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s adviser on the US edition of "The Apprentice" in 2016. She was selected as one of BBC’S 100 Women in 2013.
Ron Shevlin
Minh Q. Tran
Oliver Bussmann
Steve Tunstall
Nektarios Liolios
Matteo Carbone
Liz Lumley
London, UK
Koen Vanderhoydonk
Sam Maule
Jacksonville, FL
Rebecca Lynn
Menlo Park, CA
Devie Mohan
Devie Mohan is a FinTech industry advisor and analyst based in London, UK. She is the co-founder and CEO of Burnmark, a FinTech research company, a contributor to the ING group Think Forward Initiative, and sits on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Digital Banking
Danielle Guzman
Brooklyn, NY
Matteo Rizzi
Lisbon, Portugal
Vitalik Buterin
Michael Mellinghoff
Imtiaz Adam
Claire Calmejane
Ricardo Vidal
Hamburg, Germany
Theo Lau
Washington, DC
Peter Barkow
Dusseldorf, Germany
Marc Andreessen
Menlo Park, CA
Nadja Schlossel
Hamburg, Germany
Mike Quindazzi
Los Angeles, CA
Antony Peyton
Dave Birch
Steve McLaughlin
Silicon Valley
Matt Dooley
Yann Ranchere
Alex Jimenez
Silicon Slopes, UT
Sally Eaves
Ronald van Loon
Eileen Burbidge
Patrick Barnert
Huy Nguyen Trieu
Bryan Clagett
Williamsburg, VA
Amit Goel
Alex Nech
London, England
Lars Markull
Berlin, Germany
Nigel Walsh
Frank Schwab
April Rudin
New York City
Anne Boden
Kristian Feldborg
London, England
Andre M. Bajorat
Marvin Stone
Houston, TX
Rob Findlay
Melbourne, Victoria
Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Sabine VanderLinden
David J. Maireles
Jules Ratcliffe
Timo Dreger
Berlin, Deutschland
Jason Bates
Damien Cabadi
LinkedIn | Luxembourg
Fred Wilson
New York City
Oscar Neira
Zurich, Schweiz
Nasir Zubairi
Luxembourg, London
Tanya Andreasyan
London, England
Philippe Gelis
Megan Caywood
London, England
Tamara McCleary
Boulder, CO
Tiffany Hayden
Faisal Khan
Istanbul, Turkey