Open Business Council platform have just begun phase 1 of the its Co-creation Project. Open Business Council is a Pan European organisation with a global reach and network that wants to create anm active development of solutions and reflection towards the practice of Open Business. Open Business Council is actively contacting and recruiting a varitey of professionals that have in common the passion for innovation and business. This invitation and contact will be done to international authors, university professors, industry leaders, international speakers who are thought leaders or passionated about the new directions of business strategy and thinking. Open Business Council wants to join together professionals and experts and discuss, create an action plan to answering the challenges overal business faces with the new development and future development of social media and continous digital environment in the broad concept of Open Business theory. This invitation and contact is being done bearing in mind the goal to help develop the Project Framework including definitions and understanding of the discipline across:


Open Innovation, Open Planning, Open Research, Open Data and Open Communications Open Government


These areas will serve as a clear and common dictionary / direction for all Council members. If you would like to be involved please register here or send us a mail to