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Maya Zuckerman

Maya Zuckerman is an emerging media and technology leader.

Michael Healy

Michael Healy is one of the founders and CEO of Unit Ventures, focused on creating meaningful jobs and solving inequity.

Joao Bocas

Joao Bocas is a World’s #1 Wearables recognised Thought Leader, Global Keynote Speaker, #B2B Digital Influencer, Influencer Marketing, CEO at Digital Salutem.

Rajat Prakash

Rajat Prakash is an experienced Lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry.

Sandra Tobler

Sandra Tobler is an entrepreneur and IT specialist co-founder of Futurae.

Koji Murata

Koji Murata is the Country Head at en world India, CEO at New Era India, Director at Future Focus Infotech, CxO Search, RPO, Tech Staffing.

David Siegel

David Siegel was one of the world’s first people to start blogging - regular personal writing on the web - before it was called blogging.

David Jaques

David Jaques was the first CFO of PayPal and has since provided financial expertise and senior management to various firms.

Mark Lomax

Dr. Mark Lomax is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur and medical doctor.

Simon Cocking

Simon Cocking is the Chief Editor of Irish Tech News and Editor in Chief at Crypto Commonwealth.

Rais Hussin

Dr. Rais Hussin is an avid strategist, perennial wordsmith, social engineer, accountable entrepreneur, and serious policy intellectual.

John Williams

John Williams is a bestselling author of three books translated into ten languages.

Tina Jabeen

Tina Jabeen is currently the CEO and MD responsible for Investment Advisor, Startup Bangladesh


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms.

Own your Data Foundation

The Own Your Data Foundation is a Wyoming 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation

7BC Venture Capital

7BC Venture Capital is a venture capital fund

Javed Khattak

Javed Khattak is a London based business consultant

Michael DaCosta Babb

Michael Babb a goal-orientated, creative leader

Illume Research

Illume Research is an online education startup headquartered in the UK.


Future-tech is a specialist data centre engineering consultancy providing M&A, investment, design, project management and operations focussed services.