Insolar, a blockchain solutions provider, announces its launch partnership with Cointelegraph’s newly-formed consulting division. This partnership will combine Insolar’s enterprise-focused platform and technology with Cointelegraph’s global media influence and reach in order to drive blockchain adoption among the world’s largest companies.

“Enterprise has been waiting for its blockchain moment,” says Peter Fedchenkov, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Insolar. “With only 7% of enterprise blockchain pilots making it into production, the market is desperate for a solution that meets rigorous business requirements and is ready for commercial deployment. Together with Cointelegraph, we will make that moment happen.”

For the partnership, Insolar will provide its open source, enterprise-grade platform that combines the best of cloud, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies to Cointelegraph’s enterprise client base. And Cointelegraph will guide its client base through all phases of adopting blockchain technology and the Insolar platform, from identifying use cases to scoping requirements to providing launch guidance and support. Powered by the versatility of the Insolar platform, this partnership will drive adoption in myriad industry verticals, such as energy, trade finance, and supply chain.

“Cointelegraph’s 6-year expertise and wide network across blockchain startups and technology leaders puts it in an ideal position to boost enterprise blockchain adoption,” says Managing Director of Cointelegraph Consulting Arsenii Dain. “Together with Insolar, Cointelegraph will connect enterprise customers with blockchain solutions to ultimately ensure that blockchain-powered tech brings tangible value to businesses.”

Given its position as the most widely read blockchain news and research outlet in the world, Cointelegraph’s trust in Insolar for its consulting practice represents a major endorsement and vote of confidence in Insolar’s technology and seasoned team, which includes Fortune 500 business and technology executives and more than 50 engineers and academic researchers around the world.