How to Revamp Your Business with Ease


There comes a point when every company ought to upgrade its premises.To avoid customers deserting in their droves and employees searching for new employment, business owners should be prepared to invest time and money into overhauling awful offices, run down retail units or worn out warehouses.

But this is more than an arbitrary aesthetic issue. After all, first impressions of your firm are crucial, which means customers walking into a building resembling a Victorian slum are likely to head shouting and screaming for the exit – and this is before you have the chance to wax lyrical about the amazing products and services you offer.

Consequently, rather than suffering in a workplace that’s not fit for a drift of pigs, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you revamp your business with ease and avoid clients deserting your business like rats on a sinking ship…

Upgrade the Carpet

Whilst every customer must walk the metaphorical red carpet, attempting to dish out the VIP treatment is nigh on impossible if your firm’s flooring looks like the bomb squad has been using it as target practice.

As a result, it pays to replace your tired looking shag pile for something more befitting of your company’s stature. You can even save cash by fitting it yourself, although you’ll need a high temperature spray adhesive to stick it down and a sharp blade for precision cutting.

Enhance the Exterior

Admittedly, the inside of your building is incredibly important, but, as we’ve already touched on, first impressions are absolutely vital – which is why the outside of your premises should be treated with the same care as its interior.

Whether it’s choosing new signage, giving the walls a lick of paint, adding some greenery or even making sure the windows are clean, it’s imperative you do everything in your power to make certain your premises is giving off the kind of vibes you want it to be known for.

Involve Your Staff

Regardless if you’re selling carpets or diamonds, it’s important your staff feel invested in the company. Why? Because not only does it create a sense of pride, it promotes loyalty, which ultimately rubs off on the happiness of your clients.

Therefore, when the time comes to revamp your premises, give your employees a say on what the new design will incorporate, offering the opportunity to generate a buzz around the facelift throughout the workforce.

What do you think?

Do you have any other ways our readers can upgrade their tired premises? Perhaps you’ve implemented a few of the ideas above? Whatever your story, please hook up with us in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.