Business owners have a lot of responsibilities to balance on their shoulders. They have to worry about generating profits, growing the customer base, developing a positive culture for employees, product/service development, and more. Another factor that has a big effect on the success of a brand is security.

Owning a retail business in New York City is a challenging prospect. Not only is there a lot of competition in this bustling metropolis, but there are other risk factors to face as well. The harsh reality of running a retail brand is having to worry about rising retail crime statistics. At the end of 2022, a summit was held to discuss the rise in retail crime in New York that has affected many businesses in the city. The first seven months of 2022 saw a 65% increase in commercial shoplifting from the same period in the previous year.

While this may feel very concerning to retail business owners, there are ways to protect your store against this external threat and reduce the chances of facing significant losses. Here are some strategies to enhance your security and keep the store and its occupants safe.


New Security Systems

Every year, innovation in the security industry is improving. Both residential and commercial property owners are experiencing the benefits of advanced systems that protect their assets at all hours of the day. Whether these systems include alarms, third-party alerts, better-locking mechanisms, or strategic lighting, the result is a more secure building whether people are on the property or it is empty. This is especially important for physical stores, and although many consumer behaviors are shifting online, brick-and-mortar businesses are here to stay. If you own one of those brick-and-mortar stores, then investing in a high-quality security system could make the difference between protecting your brand from a major loss or failing to prevent theft.


Strategically Placed Cameras

Security cameras are a basic strategy that businesses in all industries use to improve protection measures. The mere presence of a camera could deter shoplifters from stealing items from your store as they notice that they might be recognized if the footage is shared. Cameras also help local law enforcement hold the responsible parties accountable if a crime is committed. There are other benefits as well, such as monitoring workflow and preventing instances of inappropriate behavior with customers and employees. The key is to know where to put these cameras. Entrances and exits are the most common locations for security cameras. You can also have them monitor point-of-sale locations in the store and secluded spots. With cameras placed strategically throughout the property, you will have better protection for store assets and people in the building. 


Security Personnel

Hiring a security guard for your NYC business is a great way to invest in safety for everyone on the property and your products. Whether they are on-site while the store is open or after hours, their presence can help you secure your bottom line by preventing shoplifting or burglaries. Safety is important for customers and employees because it makes them feel more comfortable while in your store. For consumers, this could lead to a smoother shopping experience and trust in your brand. Employees will feel cared for by management because you have taken steps to keep them safer. If you are concerned about the rising commercial theft rates in New York, then hiring security personnel to protect your store, customers, and employees could save you a lot of money and reduce the risk of a crime.


Employee Training

Perhaps one of your greatest assets for improving security is your staff. Although they may not be trained for handling physical threats, you can train them to keep the store secure. Having the right procedures in place could mean locking all the doors at night and having employees stationed throughout the store to discourage shoplifters from stealing any items and to keep an eye on products. Helping your employees keep the store secure all comes down to training. If you are unsure how to equip your employees to improvise security, look for resources online that can help you come up with a training regimen.


Better Security Can Prevent Significant Losses

Investing in security may seem like a big expenditure that isn’t worth the cost. There are a hundred other areas that could use the resources. But you’ll wish you had beefed up security if something bad happens at the store like a burglary or an injury that could lead to a lawsuit. Protecting your New York City retail business should be a top priority when you have some funds to invest. It will help customers trust your brand more, provide protection for your staff so they are cared for, and prevent losses from theft or other unexpected circumstances. Be willing to spend money on security to preserve your company.