What is The Open Business Council?

The Open Business Council brings together the people who are driving the open business agenda around the globe.
It’s a place to share, celebrate and inspire with thought leaders and the most senior representatives of businesses, brands, organisations, universities and governments.

Together they are defining what Open Business means and how its principles can be turned to action to open organisations to the benefits of ever closer and more valuable relationships with customers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Open Business Council rises to the challenge of change management and business strategy in the context of an ever-more connected world. It seeks solutions and real-time collaboration and focuses on building open, sustainable business in:

Open Research
Open Innovation
Open Communications
Open Planning
Open Data
Open Government


The Open Business Council is an independent organisation of professionals, companies, universities and organisations that wants to celebrate and further develop the practice of Open Business. The platform for it has been built by 90:10 Group.

Based in Europe but serving a global need and a global audience it will consider how Open Business can be operationalised via strategy and structure, training and tools, people and processes.

Open Business Council works in a long term value proposition and strategy with various organisation, corporations, governments, universities that want to define new strategy and insights about change management and the new challenges business faces. 


Open Business Council is a platform with a list of actions in order to appeal to the European and Global business community for the purpose of getting answers for relevant, urgent, controversial, present or future business topics or issues.

This open platform wants to to find and get solutions, dialogues and new forms of coming up with solutions for business and change management.

This project is free and open to all professionals, thought leaders, organisations, universities and companies who wish to contribute to its structure and development. Still in beta this project invites new comers both independent, corporate or government professionals working in:

social business, innovation, change management, consultancy, business strategy, marketing, customer services, PR, CSR and new media.

Join us!

This project is an open space community. Over the next months the Open Business Council will be actively inviting representatives of organisations and companies known to be pioneering the practice of Open Business to become founding members with the task of co-creating its agenda and action plan for 2012.

The phases and participants of this co-creation initiative are outlined in the website section: progress.
If you would like to be considered as a Co-Founder or contributor please apply by contacting us.