While a positive company culture can lead to higher productivity, sales and fewer absences at work, a poor one can lead to bullying, harassment and reduce overall productivity. Culture has a value, it is the key to success for every organisation. New book Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work shows how this culture can make the difference.

Colin D Ellis has worked with companies all over the world including Red Bull, Thomson Reuters and in New Zealand and Australia’s government to help them transform their cultures – from boosting happiness at work to tackling harassment and bullying - in order to improve productivity and employee experience. In a competitive jobs market, this is essential to attracting – and retaining – top talent. As flexible and remote working is becoming the norm, he reveals how to ensure this doesn’t negatively impact the drive, cohesion, shared purpose and innovation of teams.

Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work is a game-changing playbook for building an enviable company culture. This practical book will teach CEOs, managers and team leaders to build self-motivating teams that not only bring value but create a fantastic employee experience.

Why this book matters:

• 92% Of senior executives cited cultural change as a critical driver to increase their company values, but only 16% said their culture was where it needed to be.

• Poor company culture can lead to workplace bullying, harassment, lack of productivity.

• Vibrant company cultures can lead to higher productivity, sales and led to fewer absences and safety incidents.

• In the developing world of AI and machine learning, developing emotionally intelligent teams has never been more important.

• Millennials are prioritising organisations that offer purpose and a great culture over money

• Contains exclusive case studies from HSBC, Zappos, Google, government, business, hospital trauma teams and Manchester United.

Culture Fix is based on the six pillars of company culture: Personality & Communication, Vision, Values, Behaviour, Collaboration and Innovation. Readers of the book will learn how to build an aspirational vision for teams and organisations; a practical advice on culture, based on real world case studies; the importance of emotional intelligence in a successful team; how to determine if your current team is stagnant and the needed skills to manage diverse teams, from remote workers to crossing cultural barriers.

A practical, insightful, honest and funny, book, Culture Fix shows how to create a workplace where brilliant people can accomplish brilliant things.

The Author

Colin D Ellis is an expert on workplace cultures and project management, as well as an award-winning international speaker. Colin is the author of two books, Culture Fix and The Project Book. He works with organisations and people around the world to help them change the way they get things done and creates cultures where brilliant employees thrive. Colin grew up in Liverpool in the UK, but has since lived and worked across the globe. He travels frequently and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

• Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work

• By Colin D Ellis

• Out Now

• Paperback Version: £10.31