Constructing Leadership 4.0: The Practical Guide To Master The Challenges Of The Industry 4.0

Constructing Leadership 4.0: The Practical Guide To Master The Challenges Of The Industry 4.0

Having spent a quarter of a century developing some of the world’s most inspirational and successful leaders in both the public and private sectors, Richard Kelly is acutely aware that leadership is linked to the organisational and economic systems in which leaders lead.

And now, in 2019, it has never been more important for leaders to adapt their style – as the fourth industrial revolution rapidly approaches, and workplace innovation prepares to become more collaborative than at any other point in organisational history.

In his new book, Kelly outlines this shift and prepares leaders to embrace the new paradigm of the digital economy and collaborative workplace and approach leadership in a more responsive way that inspires shared innovation, collective decision making and swarming teams.

Synopsis of ‘Constructing Leadership 4.0: Swarm Leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution signals a sea change in the way we lead our organisations. Moving away from relational leadership and horizontal, organisationally-led development, it is imperative that business leaders are able to adapt to more networked organisations and shift away from dated assumptions of positional power. Constructing Leadership 4.0 breaks new ground by explaining the urgent challenges facing managers and business leaders. It will teach you how to:

  • Approach leadership development as a system rather than a programme
  • Develop an organisational ecosystem to support leadership 4.0
  • Build collaborative networks
  • Cultivate a responsive mindset through sensemaking
  • Use non-classroom based learning methodologies for educating leaders

Rooted in leadership development methodology and underpinned by cutting-edge research, this book calls for businesses to cultivate responsive leaders through a theory of connectivism and swarm intelligence that reflects the coming cybernetic revolution.

“The current model of leadership and leadership development has no place in the future of business and organizational working,” explains the author. “The shift is now heavily toward developing leaders at a systems level. And this is only going to increase, as the concept of the “human cloud” and machine intelligence becomes the standard culture of every company and organization.”

Continuing, “it’s imperative leaders adapt away from egosystems to ecosystems, or they’ll fail and take their organizations with them. Their mindset shift and continued success starts with my book.”

‘Constructing Leadership 4.0: Swarm Leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is available now.

The Author

Richard Kelly has spent 25 years developing leaders. Working in both public and private sectors he has developed leaders at all levels of the organisation both in the UK and overseas. Over the last 15 years, Richard has worked as an independent leadership consultant based in Europe and South America. Currently, he is the CEO of a niche leadership consulting company based in the UK, with British, European and South American clients, that seeks to develop leaders at a systems level.

Constructing Leadership 4.0.

Constructing Leadership 4.0. Swarm leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Constructing Leadership 4.0: Swarm Leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • By Richard Kelly
  • Out Now
  • Published by Palgrave Macmillan
  • Paperback Version: £21.58