Join us to co-create the future of doing Business
The Open Business Council should not only act as a global platform to share and publish thoughts. We want to synthesize the diverse ideas and experiences into a joint framework. And as we believe in Co-Creation we want to do this together with YOU! Out initial goals are to co-create

  • an Open Business Manifesto
  • an Open Business Framework

Based on the Manifesto and the Framework we want to collect Open Business Case Studies as basis for an Open Business Award.

The Open Business Council is free and open to all practitioners of Open Business or those that wish to further their learning of the discipline. Besides the collaboration and exchange in the open area we plan to work with a core team of Open Business Thought leaders on the Open Business Framework.

To structure the process this will be done in a specific, invitation-only, co-creation community.
If you are interested in joining please fill in the form below clearly expressing your reason for wanting to join or send us a mail to

Your membership is subject to review and can be revoked without notice at the request of other members for inappropriate behaviour. This includes, but is not exclusive to, unofficial or aggressive promotion of services and/ or a technology.

We ask you join in good spirit with the purpose of actively contributing to our aims.


  • Have your voice and shape the future of doing business
  • Work together with other likeminded, forward-thinking members
  • Become member of the Open Business Council Core Team